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November 24th, 2012

Reuters Galleries remains my favorite visual literacy / current events free app for iPad

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iReading: Today’s Front Pages (outstanding free iOS app for current events / news) via @glovely

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@neiffer Thanks for your feedback on that last post - I commented back :-)

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Correction: Texas @NISD schoolgirl expelled for refusing 2 wear RFID tag via @mathewi (claims RFID= # of the beast)

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@dwalke9 oh gosh you are right - thanks for the correction!

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@rgesthuizen yep, you’re probably right that will be in the next one

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Just finished listening to Lost in Shangri-La on @audible_com - GRIPPING true story! Highly recommended!

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sciencegoddess Bendable, flexible phone coming soon!

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official eBook help / tutorial videos to transfer Harry Potter @pottermore titles to your eReader

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@MyWeb4Ed I’ve read several reviews by train commuters & others who just love the mini’s 1 hand reading capability. I think I would too…

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@rgesthuizen what do you think iPad Mini v2 will have besides faster processor & thinner design? I don’t consider it a 1st gen device

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MT @OKPolicy It would take 29 Chesapeake Arenas 2 hold all Oklahomans who struggle w/ food insecurity via @acroom

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eshileman Cator To Step Down from Office of Ed Tech — THE Journal

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ProfEdTech Here’s a fun tip: when you get old and unhappy, don’t make other people unhappy with you.

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@TyHensley17 where will you post your PSA video when it’s done? Plz tweet me a link! cc @jsynbrown

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DianeRavitch A Wonderful Article About Destructive Reforms via @DianeRavitch

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@mr_rcollin Ii think I heard vague rumors about some Oklahoma boys getting together for a quick game today… :-)

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@dlaufenberg enjoy Hong Kong! Are you going to go on an evening “junk boat tour” & watch the laser light show at night in the harbor?!

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E_Sheninger My latest post: Creativity and Why It Matters (cc @Adobe @AdobeEdu)

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