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November 29th, 2012

PocketShare I’m sharing this session in May at the 2013 MoRanch Men’s Conference: Telling Your Mission Story with iPad Video

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@shudson71 you are most welcome :-)

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eshileman at Kang’s Buddha. It’s going to EPIC. @icechic is joining us! @dmdanker, @espanola_ok, @networkingnerd can you make it?

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MT @ddmeyer A few gushing words on @rileylark’s ActivePrompt & the future of math textbooks via @_levi_

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hinotewailer Those who say it can’t be done should stop interrupting those of us doing it.

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techsavvyteach It is so obvious that Common Core could really do some great things for kids… if we let it.

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iReading: Small-Town Librarian Takes On Sony & Wins - via @infodocket @BradMatthies (gr8 story)

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Remember you can buy isbn’s for $5 from ePubBud & use them commercially if publishing an ebook!

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@shudson71 yes, I thought I read “communist” the 1st time I saw their podcast title too!

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Just subscribed to the Commutist podcast based on episode: How Children Succeed and what you can learn from them

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@cogdog I wish I knew how to do that for you! I need to go to webcasting skool!

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willrich45 So, who agrees with @Pogue? Pay Attention to Chromebooks $250 is a nice price…

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Cedar Rapids Iowa teachers created Maze game Scratch projects with these Scratch blocks

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Just shared this Scratch curricular example: Interactive Water Cycle

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Cedar Rapids Iowa teachers are now creating an “All About Me” Scratch project with these Scratch blocks

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Just learned about @GoSoapBox as a classroom response platform / app

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Resources for today’s “Digitally Create, Show & Tell with Scratch Software” workshop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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