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January 28th, 2013

I started listening to Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein on @audible_com today - I’m LOVING it!

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@techsavvyteach “meh” has summarized my overall impression of MS Windows for over a decade…

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kentbrooks Google: Here’s how we handle government requests about you

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@eshileman absolutely!!! Leadership & vision is the #1 most important element for 1:1 programs, especially to sustain

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@mnjorgensen I’ve used and liked @toodledo - from what I’ve seen @3030App is unique in the way it integrates timers

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I’m trying out the 30/30 task manager iPad app (free)

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iReading: Oklahoma researchers give school performance scale failing grade by @OUDaily via @shawnhime @okeducation

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@techsavvyteach I replied w/ a question for you :-) - or a twitter reply is fine :-)

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Cisco’s foray into consumer electronics is over entirely now. iReading: Belkin Acquires Linksys From Cisco

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iReading: 500px Removal Highlights App Store Inequalities by @film_girl @mashable (interesting insights here)

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storychasers ReplayIt by @Jostens is a yearbook photo & video sharing site for students & journalism departments

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I’m teaching a FREE 3 hour workshop: “eBook Self-Publishing 101” Fri April 19 at Northwest Library @MetroLibraryOK

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iReading: Should You Buy Your Own ISBN When You Self-Publish?

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@Steve_Bob4404 challenging & exciting for sure. It’s frustrating so few school leaders have a vision for 1:1 computing though…

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Please share some feedback with @YukonDistrict 7th graders who posted about recent family interviews

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iReading: Object(ive) Writing: A Creative Exercise for the Composition Classroom by Kerri Flinchbaugh @edutopia

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ipadwithwes The Makayama iPad Tripod Mount works gr8 for iPad videography like lecturecast recording

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ipadwithwes pdf-notes free for iPad is gr8 for annotating PDFs via @LexusMom

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@rushaw excellent, thanks! I heard @mikekaechele recommend in his preso Sat morning too!

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MT @rushaw If you are using WordPress, embedding a YouTube link with the “time code” in a post will play the video at that start time

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@rushaw that’s a great tip - thanks! :-)

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I’m listening 2 @MatthewKitchens share a gr8 webinar w a @YukonDistrict administrator about @MyBigCampus “bundles!”

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@tanya_tanyac Chris Simon is a 4th/5th grade STEM teacher in @YukonDistrict here’s his curriculum site @pbnshelly

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@professorkim we/ve started after-school “Scratch Club” for IES 4th & 5th graders in @YukonDistrict

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@professorkim yes definitely! I’ve helped with Scratch Camps” in OK and love the program cc @tanya_tanyac

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YouTube Time is a handy website to create time-specific links in a YouTube video (not embed code tho)

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I just ousted @joshfaytinger as the mayor of Classen SAS on @Foursquare!

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storychasers Looks like the UNM Journalism Boot Camp this weekend was great! via @jakobschiller

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Reuters Iran successfully launches monkey into space: report

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iReading: Apple ready to release additional iPad model; likely 128GB version by @9to5mac via @FastCompany

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