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February 9th, 2013

@downloadcards Can Dropcards be used for digital ebook downloads by authors, or are they just for musicians?

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@dogtrax @writerswriting What am I missing in this 5 part definition of “digital writing?”

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LorriMoffatth How to bring these ideas home to an unconnected schl board? Increasing my own learning isn’t directly helping kids.

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@KansasNana that link doesn’t show me a page, it asks me for a login :-(

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iReading: What is Digital Writing? via @dogtrax

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iReading: Seeking Your True Stories Of Open Sharing by @cogdog (plz read/view this & contribute your story!)

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classenSASptsa New post: Classen Star Magazine

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classenSASptsa New post: Speech & Debate Results from Norman High

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new family learning blog post: How to make an igloo in Club Penguin

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my 10 yr old daughter recorded a 10 min screencast independently today about how to create your @clubpenguin igloo

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new post: Cell Phone Digital Storytelling with @narrable h/t @davidglover

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@dcurzon ok thanks for letting me know, I’ll give it another try

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I added Popcorn Maker by Mozilla as “video remixing tool” on the Digital Story page of Mapping Media to Common Core

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AppStore Love taking pics and movies? Qwiki mashes them up to tell stories about any topic you want.

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iReading: How selling books on Google Play works

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Learning about “Tax exclusive” vs “Tax inclusive” pricing for eBooks sold on Google Play

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