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February 20th, 2013

Cowpernicus Twitter experiment-I’m looking to visit a NYCity schl on March 1st as Principal-skyping back to my school. Can u help PLN?

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Must watch! MT @gcouros: Bullies Called Him Pork Chop. He Took That Pain With Him And Then Cooked It Into This.

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JSW_EdTech will be Friday, Feb 22 5:30 PM at Grandad’s in OKC. Welcome attendees!… Please RT!

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4th & 5th Grade student @storychasers at Lakeview ES in @YukonDistrict published 7 articles today!

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bradflickinger iPad iBand Performing This Saturday: The Bethke Elementary School’s iPad iBand called Totally NEON is set to per…

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@bradflickinger Do you have links to graphic organizers which are good to use with students writing articles & creating news media podcasts?

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new post: Spring Break 2013 Scratch Camp in Yukon, Oklahoma

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shawnhime Severe education funding cuts threaten Oklahoma’s economic future. @OKPolicy…

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gigastacey Say it with me now. Data caps are about profits, not recovering fixed costs… via @gigaom

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@warross I’m glad to learn about @iDTechCamps - It would be great to get some hosted in Oklahoma. What camps have been your son’s favorites?

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@ctceismc I hope so but plans are not finalized yet. I’ll keep you posted. The week of June 17 looks best… Your course list is fantastic!

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Oklahoma Students: Sign up for Scratch Camp March 18-22 (over spring break) in @YukonDistrict ! @ithemesed

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In 5th grade it’s still cool to love school @ Lakeview Elementary School

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