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March 10th, 2013

@grendelrick agreed, and if we don’t change course PARCC will make it worse

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I wish leaders could envision & implement w/o high stakes testing. The operative assumption is we can’t change without it

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I’ve added links to our Thursday class video recordings in our @edmodo group (if you missed it!)

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Creative_OK Register now for @NCreativityN’s FREE webinar on 3/21 featuring @UniofCalgary’s Robert Kelly!

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shannonmmiller It All Started WIth A Little Tweet….And Turned Into A Game of Jeopardy,Searching Together,A Google Hangout, @edmodo ow.ly/iGOPA

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iReading: Did Climber Have to Cut Off Arm to Save Life? wfryer.me/2x1 by @NatGeo in 2003 via Philip DeCoursy

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“It’s easy to stop smoking. I’ve done it 1000 times.” -Mark Twain via Philip DeCoursy

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@MentorMob ok thanks I’ll switch it to a google doc :-)

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caddiscaster 8 Wonderful TED Talks on Learning from Failure: To err is human and acknowledging one’s mistakes is the first … bit.ly/XbBw95

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ddmeyer Ben Blum-Smith: “Math was made for an honest fight.” bit.ly/13KlNPz

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douglevin Students, teachers excited about iPads at Oakland; Each classroom has three tablets ht.ly/iFSKZ

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TParks Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes. – John Deweed

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@MentorMob I noticed the 1st step in a playlist I made isn’t showing on my iPhone. Are articles iOS compatible? wfryer.me/2wt

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@mrsteabuckle I added a ref to Google Hangouts in the playlist intro, I find they work better 4 meetings than events wfryer.me/2wt

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@ElemEdDept a DRM free ebook chapter I wrote / created with @ScrivenerApp

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Sarah & I enjoyed reviewing YouTube webshows on “The Zebra Print” which she created with her sis the past 3 years wfryer.me/2x0

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flashback video of my daughter, Sarah, from 2009 & the “Int’l Cooking Show” - Black Bean Dip- Appetizer wfryer.me/2wz

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new post: A Story about Web Accountability and Club Penguin wfryer.me/2wy

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