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March 15th, 2013

techsavvyteach Why RSS still matters theverge.com/2013/3/14/4105…

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dankrutka Join @TParks to discuss practical ways to teach critical thinking skills during our chat on Sunday at 8pm! Spread the word!

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mcleod 1:1 Public Schools in AEA 267 bit.ly/YgmCsO

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WSJ People’s sedentary time outside of work has increased by about 40% between 1965 and 2009. on.wsj.com/156Zxfa

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@SamGliksman all of what is mandated by our state DOE… :-(

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MattsLens Do you write proposals? Try QuoteRobot! quoterobot.com/4f770e via @quoterobotapp

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CLykowski 6 Reasons to Incorporate “Smithsonian Quests” Into Your Classroom zite.to/Yw6e6C via @Zite

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iReading: State department educational policy advocacy: “Evidence-based” or puffery? by @mcleod wfryer.me/2yc via @DrGranma

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Inspired by Women in the US Air Force youtu.be/g1Bm342Uw2Y?ac

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@literateowl Bluefire Reader? It requires iOS 5+

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cherylcostello Creative Commons for Educators: A Free Online Course to Help Teach Digi..whipplehill.com/learning/creat…uacch

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MrsRyder58 Has anyone used AppWriter US with students? Would appreciate your feedback. bit.ly/YyL1fx

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@cbaskerville how does WeVideo compare to iMovie functionality at this point? What are the main limitations?

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Anyone know a free ePUB ebook reader app compatible with a 1st gen iPhone running iOS 3.1? Stanza downloads but keeps crashing :-(

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In OKC? Watch KOKH FOX 25 news tonight at 9 & 10 & Sat am for interviews of Sarah & Rachel at Tinker AFB today! wfryer.me/2yb

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@mattBgomez it was - 100% of the 20 person aircrew were women! So gr8 for both my girls to hear them describe their jobs & ask ?’s :-)

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GREAT Day Learning About Women Serving in the USAF! @ Tinker Air Force Base instagr.am/p/W5HgV_OgDw/

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Just downloaded WeeMee Avatar Creator (free) wfryer.me/2ya via my 12 yr old

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iReading: Transitioning from Google Reader to feedly wfryer.me/2y9 (not sure I will, but it looks viable)

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Remembering my day with @alicebarr at school a year ago! t.imehop.com/ZFQUoU

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@JonFines thank YOU for sharing your experiences with us!

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@Joelle_writes yes indeed! I love it, it’s our newest @MetroLibraryOK location in OKC!

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49/365/2013 Modern & Trendy Library Workspace @ Northwest Library instagr.am/p/W4mLcOOgHO/

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48/365/2013 Sunrise Behind the Pines @ First Presbyterian Church instagr.am/p/W4RG_0ugAL/

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pasi_sahlberg In Finland half of teachers said they would change jobs if there was centrally mandated inspection or evaluation system in place.

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