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March 20th, 2013

iReading: Only Human - = Yesterday’s Solution? by @mguhlin feedly.com/k/YpUd6C

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iReading: Share Apps, Books, Podcasts with iTunes Widget Builder by @tonyvincent feedly.com/k/XqhxOl

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tonyvincent Listen to the newest episode of the Mobile Reach podcast! The hosts talk about takeaways from : tonyv.me/mreach

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iReading: Totally New NetNewsWire Coming In The Wake Of Google Reader’s Death Sentence by @cultofmac feedly.com/k/14dpjCy

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iReading: Pentagon Dumps BlackBerry for iPhone, iPads: Report by @mashable feedly.com/k/161jaHX

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iReading: New Gmail Shortcuts for Composing Messages wfryer.me/2zl

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@kellycroy is the link broken or is it not downloadable? I’m on my iPhone so I can’t test it now wfryer.me/2zk

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iReading: YouTube Announces That It Has Hit One Billion Monthly Users, Which Is Roughly Ten Super Bowl Audiences feedly.com/k/YslZfK

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@DrCHibbert good marketing help & a speaker tour are great pluses. I’m sorry that option didn’t pan out :-( Another door will open! :-)

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@HeatherIrwinMFT Several ways but Kindle Direct Publishing is best 1st choice IMHO - see wfryer.me/ebooks @DrCHibbert

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iReading: Jane Goodall’s ‘Seeds of Hope’ book contains borrowed passages without attribution wfryer.me/2zj by @washingtonpost

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@DrCHibbert Why not self-publish? What are the main reasons / benefits you see for trying to win a traditional publisher over at this point?

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gcouros In case you missed it: 6 Reasons Why You Should Do a “Blog Study” bit.ly/11bq1f2

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POUSDSupt On using CC images appropriately —> Creative Commons Infographic: Licenses Explained ht.ly/jfZjk

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STEMConnector This @google engineer reckons many 11th graders in Vietnam could pass the Google interview process buff.ly/11foZyz via @TheNextWeb

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@mrstaubstem Google Drive = a good addition. I have it on my iPhone but not iPad currently. @edmodo & @MyBigCampus are gr8 for that too

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new post: What iPad Apps Do You Recommend? wfryer.me/2zi

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@evolvewithkim sounds great, thanks for the update!

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iReading: Why the war in Iraq was fought for Big Oil wfryer.me/2zh by @AntoniaJuhasz on @CNN

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iReading: Duped on Iraq War, has press learned? wfryer.me/2zg by @paulwaldman1

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new post & 18 min audio podcast: Lessons Learned From Day 3 Of Scratch Camp wfryer.me/2ze

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@robinkramer Here is the resources page for that “Creating Multimedia eBooks” session from wfryer.me/ebooks

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@orangecanton Are you using grabinbox for the automated tweets? I haven’t heard of that Twitter client before

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7 years ago traveling with Alex & Sarah for Spring Break. t.imehop.com/147o33y

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Damage Done by Andrew Johnson wp.me/p2UbTz-M

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Downloaded TextWrangler software (free) on my son’s re-imaged (after clean install) laptop wfryer.me/2zb

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