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March 25th, 2013

MT @Edudemic 4 Ways To Bring PowerPoint Presentations Online wfryer.me/32k

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rweingarten  Here’s what @drvickip and I lay out as the do’s and don’ts of a qood teacher development and evaluation system: bit.ly/15M0aeu  

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@timlauer I’m glad to share the affections of @TechlandiaCast :-)

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iReading: Carly McKinney: Racy Twitter pix get Colo. teacher nixed wfryer.me/32j by @CBSNews

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@OTOInstitute I’m getting a browser error when I click a link to your upcoming webinar on my iPad from your tweet :-(

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AALF Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning | MindShift | Anytime Anywhere Learning fb.me/DifKX7yD

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RT @joselyntodd: Looking for some model elementary 1:1 ventures (or modified) in NC or SC. Laptops not iPads

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eyesrightblog The numbers of Syrian refugees now is staggering wfryer.me/32h over 1 million according to the UNHCR @Refugees

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classbadges Reward your students’ collaboration with these new badges: pic.twitter.com/SMcrUTqB3o

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@TheOldReader Does import manually mean one by one?

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“We use 2 teach teachers how 2 program. Now, we teach them how to use a whiteboard.” by @garystager via @dwarlick wfryer.me/32c

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Just learned @dwarlick uses the iPad app @BlogsyApp wfryer.me/32d for mobile blogging

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iReading: Educon Reflection: @garystager Gary Stager, a Very Funny Man wfryer.me/32c by @dwarlick

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new links from @tonyvincent @joedale @liveclass20 @ccedtech on the RESOURCES page of Mapping Media to wfryer.me/32b

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@Tomlangs More examples of class blogs on wfryer.me/329 & “Interactive Writing” page of Mapping Media wfryer.me/32a

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@Tomlangs We’re showcasing student digital work on the @YukonDistrict Learning Showcase blog wfryer.me/328

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TeachThought 25 Ways To Use The iPad In The Classroom By Complexity teachthought.com/technology/25-…

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Just finished the last 2012-13 Teacher of the Year video interview!!! 44 done for 11 videos :-) 4sq.com/X86kXM

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I added History Now on Cub Radio: Podcasts by elem students of Linda Yolis to Mapping Media to Radio Shows wfryer.me/327

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Today is “Tolkien Reading Day!” wfryer.me/325 watch/share this gr8 5 min @brainpop video about Tolkien! wfryer.me/326

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NickforOK FL clearly has a corruption problem. I’m glad we are implementing their policy on public education. That’s who I like to copy, criminals.

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casas_jimmy A4: Whatever you do, focus on relationships & trust building w/parents & students. Earlier the better.

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dgoble2001 Should you tell stores your ZIP code? Privacy advocates say no - Business on NBCNews.com bit.ly/10fnGRg

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llaburn Follow the adventures of Marvin

Our blogging buddies Miss Revell and the iKids from Hastings have sent Marvin the… fb.me/Nr9ipTqO

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@Allanahk very cool - thanks for letting me know! We’ve been very inspired by @janeinjava & her eBook work with students in @YukonDistrict

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our “Narrated Art” etext/ePUB ebook is now available in @posterous - also as an email attachment.

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Anyone else having problems running iTalc wfryer.me/324 on WinXP lab computers? Installs fine on Win7, just XP giving issues

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64/365/2013 Art is Love @ Independence Elementary School instagram.com/p/XST7tJugLR/

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63/365/2013 Rise 2UR Dreams @ Yukon Middle School 6th Grade Academy instagram.com/p/XSOlegugE8/

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62/365/2013 Chilly Morning Fill Up @ On Cue Express instagram.com/p/XR_Er3ugFR/

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I’ve added a comparative table for 7 different “Narrated Art” digital tools to Mapping Media to the Common Core wfryer.me/323

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@tonyvincent What software did you use to create your gr8 table “6 Ways to Display Your iPad on a Projector Screen?” wfryer.me/321

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