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April 1st, 2013

TechChef4u Lots of resources for cyber safety from our digital parent night. The original presentation is archi pinterest.com/pin/1414412445…

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TechChef4u Last student in our K-12 received their iPad today. We are officially K-12 1:1 iPads! Put togethe pinterest.com/pin/1414412445…

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mattcutts If you haven’t seen Google Fiber to the Pole, it’s worth learning about: goo.gl/9KTUZ

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mattcutts In Chrome, control-shift-V pastes without formatting.

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new post: Update and Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with @infinitewp wfryer.me/355

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new post: Playing with Media eBook Available on Google Play: For SubText @readwithSubtext Users! wfryer.me/354

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changing the iPad-encoded podcast of yesterday from 128 kbps to 32 kbps changed the file size from 34 MB to 5 MB wfryer.me/353

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Good @edgamer @EdReachUs podcast sharing @GetKahoot HTML5 platform for interactive quizzing pocketcasts.com/share/9hNV1L

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deadline is April 5th for full scholarships: Info Systems Technology Exploration Academy June 2-7 wfryer.me/352

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@snappity wonderful! it’s great when resources ‘appear’ like that :-) The magic of Twitter

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new Narrated Art 5th grade example: Horse Lovers Discuss Safety wfryer.me/351 @audioboo @YukonDistrict

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iReading: Coffee & Empathy: Why data without a soul is meaningless wfryer.me/350 by @gigaom via @storyplanet

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storyplanet Very inspiring documentary! - Big River Rising - bit.ly/10YW2bD

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JFK_1963 Camp David with Caroline, John, and Mrs. Kennedy. Watch here: ow.ly/jtsoe

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PatriotCast PatriotCast will provide live updates from Colonial Assemblies as well as British Parliament. We will provide updates from any protests.

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storyplanet Really beautiful interactive storytelling about the cuban missile crisis: cloudsovercuba.com

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Call for proposals for Oct 1-3 OTA-Encyclomedia Conference in OKC is open till May 15th! @ota_oktech wfryer.me/34z

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@k20center Has the date for the fall 2013 Innovative Learning Institute been set?

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@Creative_OK Has the date for the fall 2013 Creativity Forum been set?

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new post: Speaking Out Against Common Core High Stakes Testing & Corporate Driven Education Reform wfryer.me/34y

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182 members in my Oklahoma Educators Twitter list wfryer.me/34x

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TechChef4u What’s the Difference Between “Using Technology” and “Technology Integration”? pinterest.com/pin/1414412445…

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ToddWhitaker Too often school is a place where children come to watch adults work.

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shawnhime Ten Things Legislators Should Know and Do When Making Education Policy. Good read in prep for tonight’s chat

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iReading: April Fools 2013: The Ultimate Round-Up feedly.com/k/127Fj4R by @TechCrunch

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iReading: Introducing Google Nose wfryer.me/34w

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jwhen82 I am going to let everyone in on a little secret. I have been an educator for 27 years and I absolutely love it! No regrets!!!!

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@NewsOK Are comments/discussion turned off for the article “Conspiracy theories about Common Core should be ignored”? wfryer.me/34v

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bridgestyler Here’s hoping they come through! “Oklahoma education leaders await word on funding from Legislature” okne.ws/10g116C

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iReading: 8 Outstanding iPad Apps to Create Tutorials & Flip your Classroom wfryer.me/34u by @medkh9 via @edtechokie

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okedushare We’ve updated our Twitter List page with info/links & recommended Oklahoma Edu Twitter lists goo.gl/vG2HW

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TParks The past five chats are all archived oklaed.blogspot.com/p/archive.html You can also view the PLN contacts at docs.google.com/spreadsheet/cc… PLZ RT!

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gr8 for elem kids: Pocket Zoo (animal info & live zoo webcams around the world) wfryer.me/34t via @TechlandiaCast

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@_levi_ Happy Birthday! :-)

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iReading: Storyplanet (Digital storytelling tool) wfryer.me/34s by @dkapuler via @TechlandiaCast

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dkapuler Check out the Educational Online Games collection on @edshelf: edshelf.com/profile/dkapul…

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akbusybee session proposals are due Tomorrow! April 1st!

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iReading: “World Backup Day 2013: Don’t be an April Fool!” feedly.com/k/X5TZkS

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iReading: Break Out a Hammer: You’ll Never Believe the Data ‘Wiped’ Smartphones Store by @mat feedly.com/k/13KSvBG

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