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April 2nd, 2013

@sallieseverns I got my .ipa app on my device for testing! I’m thrilled! :-) Thanks for your offer… I’ll let you know if I get stuck

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@kentbrooks …Brooks & Dunn, “Hangin’ Round the Mistletoe” - wow. Very surreal!

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@kentbrooks …and somehow your “Moodle Keeps Me Hangin’ On” song started playing, only iTunes Match has christened it as a song by…

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@kentbrooks Weird moment: I just got my first native iOS app on my own iPhone for testing, I’m listening to my iTunes Match Genius songs…

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@gravesle good idea, I’ll check. Since the draft posts are not public, however, I’m not sure… but good thinking!

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@jjash thanks for the shout out :-)

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I’m wrangling again with Apple iOS Developer Provisioning Profiles with @iBuildApp again tonight…

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I started my own @Flipboard magazine: iReading by Wes flip.it/qEPQF

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jlubinsky Mourn Dead Google Products at Their Virtual Graveyard slate.com/articles/techn… via @cperryk

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iReading: Opening a Gateway for Girls to Enter the Computer Field by @nytimes flip.it/hc2qv

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tonyvincent Time spent doing nothing spurs creativity. Is your phone killing creativity by keeping boredom away? tonyv.me/killcreativity

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iReading: The National Digital Public Library Is Launched! flip.it/rAtpB via @hurleyinchina

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Numberphile - Videos about Numbers and Stuff flip.it/co26e

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Anyone know a WordPress plug-in which can trigger SMS alerts when draft posts are contributed to a site?

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Very good meeting tonight for our @OKCPS communications committee @classenSASptsa wfryer.me/35f

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iReading: April College Planning Tips: Making Sense of Financial Aid Awards wfryer.me/35e by @PeterVanBuskirk

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High praise shared tonight for @PeterVanBuskirk ‘s recent presentation on college planning at @OKCPS wfryer.me/35d

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TurboScan app for iPhone can create high-quality multipage PDFs of equal quality to a flatbed scanner wfryer.me/35c

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jackiegerstein @rmbyrne A History of Timelines and 5 Tools to Make Your Own goo.gl/fb/otZbF Dipity.com is my favorite (not included)

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iReading: Using Chatting And Instant Messaging In The Classroom by @brholland wfryer.me/35b

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Are you at an IB school? What do you provide for parents & students to help them develop 4 year plans of study in high school?

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Here’s an example of an interactive @dipity timeline used by @OKCPS “Interactive IB Exam Schedule” wfryer.me/35a

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Very cool & potentially useful interactive timeline tool: @dipity wfryer.me/359

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glynnmark RT @pgsimoes: Awesome Graphic on 21st Century Pedagogy dlvr.it/38kPTl (@medkh9)

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@edttw yes my daughter loves iBooks but the problem is it now requires iOS 5.0.

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@rushaw awesome! It’s a great feeling as a WordPress designer isn’t it? And a SECURE one! (hopefully!) cc @infinitewp

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iReading: Why the Jane Goodall Plagiarism Case Worries Me by @plagiarismtoday feedly.com/k/XbUGsL

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@AudiobooSupport …to safari, changed back to desktop version to copy embed code

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@AudiobooSupport safari, in the mobile version, we could open the channel in the classic app & it showed all boos. Then we opened from there

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@AudiobooSupport we figured out a workaround - not all boos were showing up in the app under “my boos” but if we viewed the channel in…

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Check out @YukonDistrict 6th grader audio stories recorded on @audioboo & posted to @KidblogDotOrg wfryer.me/358

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@AudiobooSupport we are using wfryer.me/357 - we found the classic AudioBoo app worked to browse, then open in Safari to copy embed

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@audioboo how can I view all the audioboos in a channel in Safari on an iPad? The “more boos” option doesn’t appear at the bottom of the pg

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@infinitewp Thank you for the great webinar last week, and for creating such an amazing product!

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iReading: On Its 7th Birthday, Is Twitter Still The ‘Free Speech Party’? by @NPR m.npr.org/news/front/174…

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