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April 9th, 2013

NASAEarth Bezymianny Volcano [image]

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NASAEarth Why no seasonal forecast? [EarthSky]

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RT @nasa_eo: The backstory on 13 of our most memorable images. [Skye]

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Just downloaded Veescope Live (iPad video green screen effects) via @TechlandiaCast

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If you use music apps on iOS you need @AudiobusApp (musical app router)

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82/365/2013 Reading by iTouchlight

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shareski Worth a watch RT @chamada: Might b the most amazing piece of student work I’ve ever seen! .@courosa @gcouros @jutecht

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budtheteacher Too often, students are asked to read and not write, listen and not speak, and view rather than compose. That’s something to flip.

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iReading: Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Using Videos by @MindShiftKQED

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@teach42 Congratulations to you my friend!!!!

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djakes Congratulations to @teach42 on his election to the Skokie/Morton Grove District 69 School Board.

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@cogdog Do you know of a WordPress plug-in that will basically keep a change log for your site, recording what users have done what?

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dwarlick Today, School is a Little Less Interesting -

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81/365/2013 Knife Catcher @ Dunlap Codding PC

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I added Music Radio Creative Podcast on Adobe Audition by @radio_jingles to the Radio Show page of Mapping Media

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iMashup App FREE today (create your own mashups & remixes of any songs) via @radio_jingles

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PodcastHelper Do you use Adobe Audition for podcasting? You don’t want to miss @MikeRussellDJ’s YouTube page

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iReading: Welcome to the WeAreTeachers Paperless Classroom Project

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PocketShare free Church Online Platform now available from @Life_IT read background here

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iReading: Teach a MOOC…what, are you crazy? b@busynessgirlrl on jrhode ‘s

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80/365/2013 Moderating Student Storychasers @ Lakeview Elementary School

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@TechlandiaCast What is the link to the iPad app you discussed in episode 5 that does green screen video effects?

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Anyone know a good web resource to use to check if free “Converter Lite” Windows software installs adware / malware?

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