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April 10th, 2013

@lindayollis Linda: How do you post photos to your classroom 365 photo blog? Do you use a smartphone app or email? wfryer.me/39f

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iReading: Microsoft Office For iOS Won’t Launch Until Fall 2014 [Rumor] wfryer.me/39e by @cultofmac

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iReading: “Sorry, kids. You were born in the wrong neighborhood.” wfryer.me/39d by @ddraper

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@ddraper It’s time for those priorities to change! When does your bid for the Utah state legislature begin? :-)

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@queenie402007 I didn’t see the article & can’t find it on @NewsOK - Can you please share the link? :-)

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@WilsonArtsPTA Do you know of any other @OKCPS PTA/PTSA orgs on Twitter besides @classenSASptsa ?

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@okeducation Gates has changed his tune in the past on - look at the “small schools movement”

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jmidkiff What’s Right with Our Schools: Student creates anti-bully app on.kfor.com/y16kRXm

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49thisNotOK Focu$ on Education impact continues. Check this out! storify.com/OklahomaStand/…

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@coach57 I say yes, absolutely. We don’t need high stakes PARCC assessments to focus on good learning & high expectations

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Blankenship_S The Most Awkward Leadership Topic zite.to/10DqLIT via @Zite

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Check out this fantastic 1.5 min video of learning at Piedmont Intermediate by principal @Blankenship_S wfryer.me/39c

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new post: The Post-PC Age is Upon Us wfryer.me/39b

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Check out the list of licensed software on all Maine laptops wfryer.me/39a (bottom of page)

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gr8 free iTunes podcast series: As We May Teach: Educational Technology, From Theory Into Practice by @rubenrp wfryer.me/399

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iReading: 5 Emerging Technology Categories that Exist Across Horizon Reports wfryer.me/398 by @reportertanya via @rubenrp

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This is the most dramatic photo of our current I’ve seen yet! instagram.com/p/X8b6qyL0q3/

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iReading: Why your in-flight Wi-Fi is slow and expensive: It’s all about the pipe by @gigaom gigaom.com/2012/09/19/why…

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iReading: Windows 8, PC shipment decline is worst EVER feedly.com/k/ZioCky

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iReading: T-Mobile sweetens iPhone 5 deal with discounts for trade-ins wfryer.me/397 by @macworld

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iReading: Study: 73% of companies don’t tell employees how to use social media wfryer.me/396 by @leaderswest via @AngelaMaiers

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iReading: How to replace Google Reader for Content Curation wfryer.me/395 by @courtneyengle via @AngelaMaiers

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Anyone know a Twitter ID of someone affiliated with AACE? The CITE Journal website is apparently down wfryer.me/394 :-(

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@eabarbanel @indieschoollib I really love using @zotero - It’s the tool I’m using for all citations in my new eBook. And it’s free!

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remembering: “”Getting a New Haircut” 5 Photo Story” wfryer.me/393 inspired by @klmontgomery

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iPadMediaCamp We’ve added Image Transfer as a free alternative to @photosync_app on our iPad apps page goo.gl/OpPAX (not as good tho!)

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RT @DianeRavitch: Is There a Corporate School Reform Movement? wp.me/p2odLa-4uf

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@ijukes I agree one role can be reinforcement, but don’t you think another important one is transformation of learning?

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INeLearn and are the keys to shifting from print to digital. Join @SETDA for FREE webinar on 4/12 at 2pm ow.ly/jCSYY

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83/365/2013 Ice on the Blooms @ Shedeck Elementary instagram.com/p/X793EpugH0/

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gr8 FREE iPad/iPhone to computer photo & video transfer app: Image Transfer wfryer.me/391

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iReading: FBI Pursuing Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as “Top Priority” for 2013 wfryer.me/390 via @GibsonResearch

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Fascinating podcast about how insecticides are affecting bee populations drastically by @scifri pocketcasts.com/share/1wOvoT

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MT @8Amber8 Tweeting in Kindergarten? My class tweeted w local weather experts from news stations. Class pinterest.com/pin/2602940534…

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@cogdog that one looks great - I’ll try it. Thanks!

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MT @JamieiReynolds: Audioboo worked great for family consumer science class -pizza radio ads. audioboo.fm/boos/1308655-d…

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@loisath sounds good :-) Thanks for empowering your students to share their voices w your community & the wider world!

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iReading: Atlanta’s School Scandal Isn’t Local- How Edu reform’s “no excuses” motto causes cheating wfryer.me/38z via @mahlness

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