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April 13th, 2013

We learned tonight the deductible for ER visits with our new insurance is $200. Thank goodness for pain meds & ultrasounds.

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@edmodo is there an easy way to open some links in your iPad app in Safari? I’m not seeing that option & need it

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iReading: Russia lashes out at U.S. human rights blacklist by @CNN cnn.com/2013/04/13/wor…

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just listened to an interesting “Security Now” Q&A podcast about Bitcoin by @SGgrc & @leolaporte pocketcasts.com/share/pHc28K

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At LONG last! iPadio 3.0 now has support for iPad! wfryer.me/39z

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iReading: Chrome Extension for Instant QR Code Creation by @mrrobbo feedly.com/k/10T6Ndu

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@JamiePortman I agree. I found that post really thought provoking. I’m considering at least a week long “Twitter fast” this summer :-)

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@crewsertech Have you had a chance to play with Hokusai yet? What do you think? It’s not as easy as Audacity :-(

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I’ve added class recording links from Thursday & some app links in our @edmodo

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iReading: I quit Twitter for a month & it completely changed my thinking about mostly everything by @adambrault wfryer.me/39x

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thadhaines 14 Brilliant Bloom’s Taxonomy Posters For Teachers bit.ly/Y5yPFf

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@rmbyrne your summer PD workshop series looks great! So glad to see you offering an educator’s learning retreat like this :-)

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CBethM Top Ten Novels in Verse by @lkstrohecker wp.me/p21t9O-Yf

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@dogtrax thanks for sharing your recent post as an audio podcast. Great to hear your voice & the passion with which you spoke

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dogtrax Recent Interactive Reading emshort.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/rec… Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling

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iReading: Teachers: Raising our Voices by @dogtrax feedly.com/k/155Sl7p

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iReading: Come Relax & Learn With Me This Summer by @rmbyrne (gr8 PD opportunity!) feedly.com/k/1189DN6

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iReading: Steve Jobs’s Widow in Exclusive Interview on NBC [Last night] feedly.com/k/155RPq5

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iReading: Turntable Launches People-Powered Radio App ‘Piki’ by @MacRumors feedly.com/k/10QnLsM

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iReading: Longtime Apple Board Member Bill Campbell Says Technology Coming to ‘Intimate Objects’ by @MacRumors feedly.com/k/ZmyYjv

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