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May 4th, 2013

GeoGebra is an awesome interactive graphing tool & community for math wfryer.me/3is

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MsMagiera - Don’t forget: Proposals for CPS iPad Academy due next Sun 5/12! Submit a session, see @wfryer keynote! cpsipadacademy.weebly.com/call-for-propo‚Ķ

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@KatyPenland woo hoo!!!! That is awesome! Did you end up making images smaller or using another email account?

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What a gr8 book in the @PresbyMoRanch library! Opening Of The American West - In Early Photographs & Prints amzn.com/0760706263

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free @gutenbooks ebook to read: Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana wfryer.me/3ir

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@KatyPenland problem could be attachment size file limits with your email provider’s SMTP server. Try emailing just 1 pic, or just text

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eyesrightblog new post: 10 ways That Jesus Surpasses Muhammad by Mateen Elass (May 2013) wfryer.me/3iq at @PresbyMoRanch

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123/365/2013 Chapel Gate at Daybreak @ Mo Ranch instagram.com/p/Y5EbfrOgGX/

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