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May 9th, 2013

I posted a Facebook reply about the @OKCPS transfer controversy on this @NEWS9 article wfryer.me/3ju (scroll down)

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classenSASptsa Read this post by Laura Massenat & long comment thread on the recent student transfer rejections goo.gl/UD4cg

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classenSASptsa @kfor article: Families upset after students denied Classen SAS transfer goo.gl/5k5vJ

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classenSASptsa @NEWS9 article: Parents Upset With Classen SAS After Acceptance Letter Snafu goo.gl/ORDCS

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@mguhlin hyperbole can lead to relationship difficulties. I’m guessing @BlueSkunkBlog would accept a chocolate shake as a peace offering :-)

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@rmbyrne I’m thinking of iOS apps like @showmeapp , @educreations & @explainevrythng - does Android have equivalent apps yet?

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130/365/2013 Our Talented Dancers! @ Poteet Theater instagram.com/p/ZHQNOqugO_/

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@rmbyrne What android tablet apps do you recommend for creating narrated slideshows and screencasts?

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iPadMediaCamp 2 more days of early bird pricing for iPad Media Camp in Oklahoma City June 10-12! goo.gl/EAaH2

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@iVengers What is the RSS feed/web feed link to your podcast? I want to subscribe with @pocketcasts

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Very innovative for math: MyScript Calculator via @timlauer on @TechlandiaCast itun.es/us/vzOGI.i

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@NewsOK Thanks for hosting our @YukonDistrict student @storychasers on their today! Clytie & her team were amazing & inspiring!

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scratchteam In the last 3 days, we migrated approx. 3.4 million projects, 1.5 million users, 200000 studios, 8 million comments and around 5 TB of data.

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@YukonDistrict Student @storychasers learning about newsok journalism @ The Oklahoman instagram.com/p/ZGPYljOgK5/

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iReading: Teacher appears in Doha court, faces felony charge of insulting Islam tmblr.co/ZJn_jxkabuaZ

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iReading: Qatar Academy teachers fret as former colleague jailed over alleged insults to Islam tmblr.co/ZJn_jxkV-u26

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@YukonDistrict Lakeview Elementary @storychasers field trip to newsok underway! instagram.com/p/ZF_WCwugGe/

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