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May 10th, 2013

Listening2 @iVengers podcast & @TechChef4u thinking how FAR behind most districts are in tech integration pocketcasts.com/share/EWBpsp

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Subdomain sites of speedofcreativity.org like @eyesrightblog & Learning Signs will be offline this evening as I move them to a new host

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@jmidkiff :-) I hope we can change the course of this big ship. It’s got a lot of momentum.

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Applications for the @oksde Oklahoma C3 Summer Convening are due May 16 wfryer.me/3k0

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free: recommended violin music 2culturally elevate your soul today! @NickyBenedetti: Tiny Desk Concert wfryer.me/3jz by @NPR

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Good news: @thewpvalet has completed moving all my podcasts since 2005 (5 GB worth) over to Amazon S3. I still need 2 update my feed tho

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Very cool! Just discovered @cantussings on @NPR “Tiny Desk Concerts” wfryer.me/3jy via AppleTV podcasts, a cappella mens vocals

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@ColleenKR do you want to add audio narration? Do you have an iPad, Mac or Windows computer?

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iReading: Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship wfryer.me/3jx via @NMHS_Principal @kylepace

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@ColleenKR the amount if time & resources you have available can also affect the answer

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@ColleenKR what is the context & purpose for which you which you want to create the video? My answers / favs can vary.

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Vulnerability reminds me of power of “teacher B roll” videos @TParks & @storycenter “tell a story from a crossroads moment in your life”

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excellent @tedtalks video: @BreneBrown: The power of vulnerability wfryer.me/3jw

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Excellent @tedtalks video: Brené Brown: Listening to shame ted.com/talks/brene_br…

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ebook 2read: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss amzn.com/B00985E3UG

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“The family meal is very important. It’s the nursery of democracy” by @michaelpollan wfryer.me/3jv

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iReading: How Reclaiming Cooking Can Save Our Food System, Make Us Healthy wfryer.me/3jv by @michaelpollan via @stephenharlow

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iReading: VIDEO: Mystery of Syria’s internet blackout by @BBCNews feedly.com/k/12l4EIt

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