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May 22nd, 2013

The 3rd grade eBook & book “Our Favorite Books” is available in 4 different formats! 3 are free and 1 costs money wfryer.me/3o2

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iReading: Drawing in class: Rachel Smith at @TEDxUFM wfryer.me/3o1 [VIDEO] by @ninmah

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@ninmah yes I definitely will! I saw a reference to your TEDx talk elsewhere, thanks for sharing the direct link! :-)

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Added “SXSWi 2012 Visual Note-Taking for Dell” by @SunniBrown to the Visual Notetaking in Mapping Media to wfryer.me/3nz

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new [VIDEO] Visual Recording on the iPad by @ninmah on Visual Notetaking page of Mapping Media to the Common Core wfryer.me/3nz

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storychasers We’ve added Student Reporting Labs @reportinglabs goo.gl/vZW7L to our Student Clubs page goo.gl/hex9L as a resource

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NewsHourExtra Are you an educator who loves all things & ? @pbsnewshour has an opening for a Teacher Resource Producer: to.pbs.org/11DxYJU

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karen_brennan Lovely map of learning theories shared by @dancallahan at cmapspublic3.ihmc.us/rid=1LGVGJY66-…

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iReading: 5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post with a Bang wfryer.me/3ny by @copyblogger via @mcleod (good4 student writing 2)

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iReading: Chicago Public Schools board votes to close 50 elementary schools wfryer.me/3nx by @mikeklonsky

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@fuglefun Have you posted a collection of your visual notes somewhere? I love your notes from @rushtonh ‘s preso wfryer.me/3nw

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Video “What is Geo-Literacy” by @NatGeo added to Geo-Map page of Mapping Media to the Common Core wfryer.me/3nu via @TParks

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I added @AppArchitectCom to the Simulation or Game page of Mapping Media to the Common Core wfryer.me/3nv

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I added @tripline to the Geo-Map page of Mapping Media to Common Core wfryer.me/3nu via @teach42

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@maptini Why is your iOS app just available in Australia but not the US iTunes store?

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iiiorg RT @RedCross: Detailed map of affected area in RT @nytgraphics Path of the Tornado in Oklahoma nytimes.com/interactive/20…

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@TParks @HoweSchools I’m so sorry to hear about the death of one of your students today :-(

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Inkflow is a gr8 for visual notetaking, FREE today! wfryer.me/3nt

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@KansasNana great share, thanks. I like his words “God counters every powerful curse with a more powerful blessing.” wfryer.me/3ns

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iReading: @posthaven launches fast, beautiful image galleries wfryer.me/3nr

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iReading: Genius Hour Manifesto wfryer.me/3nq via @susanvg @pgeorge

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iReading: “Ground Control to Major Tom…wfryer.me/3npuX abou@Cmdr_Hadfieldlem vi@susanvgvfb

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iReading: Paul Horton: Will Career Teachers Be Crowded Out by Corporate Reform? wfryer.me/3no

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iReading: Dell seeks move into the living room with $100 Project Ophelia USB stick computer wfryer.me/3nn via @kentbrooks

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koconews Special event organized for Moore students at tornado-damaged schools on.koco.com/1a5XLNS

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cityofmoore Please Tweet or Facebook your non emergency thoughts of thanks to the City of Moore. Overload of emails causing backlog of information.

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acroom I’ve had friends volunteering today turned away. Big news: Approval to enter via @frontlineokc. Head to HQ: frontlinechurch.tv/servemoore

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MooreReliefRide We are anticipating ride requests throughout the day. If you would like to be on the volunteer list please email moorereliefride@gmail.com

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gr8 audio podcast recap of Google I/O from the folks at @gigaom pcasts.in/oWiR

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codeorg “Whether we’re fighting climate change or going to space, we use computers, and we don’t have enough people who can code”. @richardbranson

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new post: Why Your School Needs a Scratch Club [VIDEO] wfryer.me/3nm @YukonDistrict cc @scratchteam @medialab @codeorg

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Apply by June 10 for the July 24-25, 2013 Google Teacher’s Academy in Chicago wfryer.me/3nl

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new post: Help My Son’s Debate Teacher Whose Home Was Destroyed by the Moore Tornado wfryer.me/3nk

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iReading: Kids coding in the cloud (Scratch 2.0) wfryer.me/3nj by @medialab @scratchteam

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in - Aerospace Education & Industry Partnership Day at @Rosestate July 31st! wfryer.me/3ni via @BrianPerryman

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tonyvincent “Reflections on a 1:1” is a 13-slide Haiku Deck w/successes + challenges of 1st year of iPads by @TechChef4u: tonyv.me/reflectionsona…

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felixjacomino THOUSANDS of Apps organized by level, subject and sub-subject. felixj.me/applist by @TCEA

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isteconnects RT @DeborahMersino: Interested in being a guest blogger for @isteconnects at ? Email dmersino@iste.org for details!

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