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June 5th, 2013

new post: The Story of My Dad’s Photo with President Kennedy wfryer.me/3qz

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@dreambition You are most welcome, I am very excited you are bringing @iPadMediaCamp to Michigan!

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CurtRees Here is Techlandia Podcast episode 25 with Wes Fryer. learni.st/users/jonsammy… @TechlandiaCast @wfryer Good free summer PD for you!

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@jimcymbala Thanks for your reminder that as a dad, sometimes all I need to say is “Shhh, come in the house” pcasts.in/RkfM

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MightyText Is a free Google Chrome extension to send SMS & MMS messages from any browser wfryer.me/3qy via @KevinCTofel @gigaom

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ipadSammy Techlandia 25 - Wes Fryer Interview | sco.lt/7jbAll All the links from our latest @TechlandiaCast featuring @wfryer.

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FoundationOKCPS Agenda is up for Thursday night’s @OKCPS board meeting. We’ll be live tweeting from @FoundationOKCPS fb.me/1RseSbjRz

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gr8 idea on @iVengers by @mrhooker: Digital communication course for students & adults including email etiquette pcasts.in/qLd9

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@dreambition just sent you a Google Hangout Invite

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FoundationOKCPS Classen School of Advanced Studies principal announces retirement via @NewsOK fb.me/SM09KRsy

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I just requested joining the @scratchteam Education G+ Community “Creative Computing Online Workshop” wfryer.me/3qw

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gr8 free July Scratch learning opportunity online: Creative Computing Online Workshop wfryer.me/3qv via @edtech4theatre

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@mramidon Thanks for the feedback on the podcast :-)

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@mr_rcollins Yes it is managed computer, but the IT department is involved now and didn’t put the shortcut there

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book2read: Unafraid of the Dark: A Memoir by Rosemary Bray wfryer.me/3qu via @aagabor

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@dreambition yes - will 9:45 am central today work? Google Hangout?

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