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June 25th, 2013

mguhlin poster session @wfryer ow.ly/i/2rSbX

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mguhlin@juliemcleod: Best path to revolution is change in vocabulary! Go Wes! MT Hottest paper poster @wfryer pic.twitter.com/mxzLcqqflB

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kmilleridaho Great session! Tinkering + Technology = Authentic learning. inventtolearn.com

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my 1st @isteconnects guest blog post: Learning about DIY Science Sensorware from ManyLabs.org wfryer.me/3v8

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Great Common Core aligned @Symbaloo grid of apps for CREATING! wfryer.me/3v7 by @kmilleridaho

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I’ll be at table 22 in the poster sessions for the next two hours

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@crafty184 emotion can help cement learning in all cases but that’s certainly not always desirable :-)

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digitalst .@wfryer has just launched his new media literacies ebook at speedofcreativity.org/2013/06/25/map…

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@clifmims when is someone hosting a good upcoming learning conference in Memphis? We need to get together & hang out :-) TeachMeet?

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JimTiffinJr @AquiAmigo @8Amber8 @wfryer You’ve been quoted in my story “My Own Personal Best of : Monday Edition” sfy.co/dLmt

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@csteenst oh my goodness that is FANTASTIC work!!! Thanks so much for sharing - I will blog this w linktribution to you!

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@crafty184 yes but probably not very deeply :-)

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@NaNa4153 attribution for “your word is your wand” to @Mariska

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Fotopedia Heritage (free) is gr8 for story prompts, creative word problems, global wfryer.me/3v6 by @glovely

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Felt Board for iPad ($3) is a gr8 “bridge activity” getting kids talking / discussing wfryer.me/3v5by @glovely

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“Digital show & tell w apps” like @explainevrythng are exactly the kinds of creative things kids need to do in school @glovely

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@TParks awesome! Yes we definitely need to road trip to Iowa in April for the conference @mcleod @c_sturgeon

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free eBook recc: Collins Big Cat: It Was a Cold, Dark Night Story Creator by HarperCollins wfryer.me/3v4 via @glovely

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“Emotion cements learning” by @kevinhoneycutt

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“Most good innovation in schools dies from domestic violence” by @kevinhoneycutt

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“Is a wheelchair ramp cheating? Neither is the Dragon Dictation app for iPad” go.wfryer.me/15A7ppk by @kevinhoneycutt

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I uploaded a new episode, “Day 2 Reflection with @mguhlin”, on @spreaker spreaker.com/user/wfryer/da…

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Distribute your original music worldwide online with @TuneCore go.wfryer.me/19wuWvr via @kevinhoneycutt

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iReading: Kevin Kelly & Steven Johnson on Where Ideas Come From wfryer.me/3v3

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@coffeechugbooks thanks - looks like you are doing some great learning :-)

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@clifmims Michael @AquiAmigo Did a great job on his Ignite speech. We wish you were here too!

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new post: Mapping Media to the Common Core: Volume I eBook Now Available! wfryer.me/3v2

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I’m still having some bad luck with URL shortners…

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I’m beside myself with joy: My 2nd eBook (Mapping Media) is now published & available for $5! wfryer.me/3v2

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