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July 7th, 2013

new post: With TweetChat Offline, What Websites are Best for Twitter Edchats? goo.gl/o7vl8

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@JonnyCurriculum Awesome! See you there at @EdcampFWTX ! This will my my 1st EdCamp to attend w/ @sfryer :-)

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@TParks what day are you sharing that session this week on ?

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@PeterVogel well they just intro’ed Quickoffice in the dev channel for Chomebooks, so it seems it’s still very much in the works

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@JSW_EdTech thanks for the E-Rate updates. Hopefully the changes will be positive for schools @Tech4T3achers

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@chattykidz glad to intro you to him virtually :-)

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A7: We need more profs in higher ed involved as watchdogs when it comes to data validity for K12 testing

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@MsRossEnglish thanks - I gave that a try, but like tchat.io since it’s the most TweetChat like interface I’ve seen so far

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@Tech4T3achers Hmm. Plz tweet me any links you see on this if you can… I read an article last wk on big FCC eRate changes coming

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We’ve developed a very toxic educational culture when it comes to high stakes testing, & we need a non-partisan gameplan 2 change it

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@coach57 yes, autonomy is key. My wife @sfryer is going back in the classroom this year, & the autonomy she’ll have is a BIG reason

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@dankrutka we definitely should create some collaborative, themed videos about issues discussed here!

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I’m convinced a huge part of the “shift we need” in schools is to more broadly embrace digital sharing when it comes to curriculum

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@Tech4T3achers Do you have an article/blog post link about the eRate changes? I heard some were coming but haven’t read the details

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@Blankenship_S …part of Apple’s 1:1 curriculum bundle. Really super AI back then providing feedback to students on essay writing

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@Blankenship_S In 2005 I learned about @MYAccessHelp My Access Writing as part of the TxTIP 1:1 grant project, it was part of…

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@ChrisParadise both TwitterFall & TweetDeck are solid laptop or desktop browser options…

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@Blankenship_S I’m glad to see us backing out of PARCC - I thought it was WAY to rushed… we need to use those funds elsewhere

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@coach57 OK thanks, I’ll try TweetDeck too…

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@thnorfar yes I like HootSuite but it’s not as realtime as TwitterChat was, & I like how it auto-inserted the chat hashtag

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@mia_sarx great, thanks - I forgot about TwitterFall - I used it a few years ago for a workshop in Montana & it was gr8

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I’m a bit lost for tonight’s chat since TweetChat is offline - anyone have similar browser-based client recc?

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@thnorfar not a very respectful & constructive tone… cc @Blankenship_S

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@Blankenship_S thanks - I hadn’t seen @DianeRavitch ‘s post about @JanetBarresi pulling Oklahoma out of PARCC wfryer.me/3vr

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Blankenship_S I do like performance tasks that allow Ss to complete an in-depth project/task that demonstrate real-world problem solving.

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I just registered to attend @EdcampFWTX on Sat July 27th w/ @sfryer

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iReading: Flashback to 1999 and the Power Mac G4 j.mp/11tDvHy by @applespotlight via @tbbrwn

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RockOurState Hoping to work w/ the great folks at @LivingNewDeal as we launch the state-wide proj this fall Schools! @UCBerkeley

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TParks fact: More schools were built by in OK than in any other state. Was your school built by WPA? Join @RockOurState

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dougeb00 Don’t forget chat tonight at 8:00. Topic NO PARCC & Summative Assessments moderated by yours truly.

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TParks Love this line from @jennjudkins twitter account “PD isn’t something you ‘get’ it’s something you ‘do’! AMEN SISTA!

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@PeterVogel I’d expect QuickOffice to work on all Chrome browser options eventually, including GAppEDU users. That’s just my opinion tho

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@PeterVogel from what @KevinCTofel is saying, Google is making Chrome a unifying platform for Android & Chromebook users, & other PC OS’s

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@PeterVogel I heard about QuickOffice for Chromebook Dev channel users via @KevinCTofel on the Commutist @gigaom podcast. He is very + on it

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@PeterVogel No but I plan to, I think I can change to the Chromebook developer channel and have access to it now

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@AppEducationFox yes indeed - I feel the same way today

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new guest blog post: Unplugging, Devices, Camping, Spades and Fairy Houses goo.gl/V4yN5

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Interesting $300 desktop computer option: Chromebox j.mp/12boN2W via @KevinCTofel

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iReading: iPhone reading list/bookmarks gone j.mp/12botRP (this fix worked for me)

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@KevinCTofel If I buy a Pixel laptop, is there an adapter you recommend to plug into VGA projectors for presentations?

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iReading: Quickoffice In The Browser: The Reason Why Microsoft Is Suddenly So Scared Of Google’s Productivity Tools j.mp/12bo1De

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@chattykidz interesting - reminds me of @rogerschank ‘s work connecting grandparents & grandkids to read together. A solid idea

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@myoung Okay, I’ll definitely provide some feedback. Lots of promise, and I am glad to see so many innovating around RSS!

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@bcrosby you’ll love this @scifri episode: Beaming Internet to the Boondocks, Via Balloon wfryer.me/3vq

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Photos from our July camping adventures in Colorado last week j.mp/1a3MRdj

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kids watching Meet the Robinsons this morning - Keep Moving Forward! j.mp/12cTqsf

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very sad to learn of the death of 8 year old Aidan Hooper at the Edmond 4th of July parade j.mp/12b5mr2 :-(

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After importing my Google Reader “takeout” feeds to Digg Reader j.mp/12b4YZy I’m underwhelmed - sticking w @feedly

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iReading: The Google Reader Shutdown Guide j.mp/1a2QSyJ

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iReading: Relax, Flipboard Didn’t Lose Your Google Reader Feeds j.mp/12bQqMS

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iReading: Reading the data j.mp/1d54N6V (Infographics & Beyond video)

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