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August 12th, 2013

iReading: Stop And Frisk These Test Scores by @TheJLV

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iReading: Hyperloop: San Francisco to L.A. in 30 minutes by @CNNMoney

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Why do students need to build digital portfolios online? As principal @Blankenship_S says: Rock star Ts find ways to help Ss shine on stage!

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@garrison_todd awesome! :-) I’ll share that tomorrow when we explore Twitter & the benefits of building an edu PLN!

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Blankenship_S You may have 30 students in your class, but if you are a rock star, wouldn’t you want a large audience?

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I’m headed to Duncan, OK tonight 4 tomorrow’s Mapping Media 2 the Common Core workshop in Velma-Alma schools

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iReading: Photo Gallery: Photographing the Night Sky by @NatGeo

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@thomascmurray learning is the focus but good tech & support is key. Otherwise it’s like trying to swim in a desert :-(

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@edwardhilton very nice! How does the experience compare to AppleTV?

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iReading: Computer Coding Lessons Expanding for K-12 Students by @educationweek

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@rkiker thanks for the shout out :-)

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Remembering New Zealand at dinnertime :-)

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Amazing & (often) hilarious: The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever by @TwistedSifter via @courosa

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pyeglobal 90% of adolescent girls feel they’ve lost their voice. Support empowerment of 400 young women in the Seattle area:

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@BDruecker Have I told you recently I think you are totally AWESOME?! :-)

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RT @MrsBeck25: First Day of School Letter to the Teacher via @coach57 Powerful message to remember!

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iReading: A Little Touchy About the Common Core by @okeducation via @KidsLearnFromMe on @JanetBarresi

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@GlenwoodElemLib I like Twitterfall for that purpose, it has a presentation mode w large fonts

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@jakeheister Please also share @k12online & @liveclass20 w your media specialists as gr8 sources for free PD!

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@EdEnthusiast I definitely agree helping teachers & students learn to use YouTube as a video platform is a huge opportunity & need!

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@chuck_tompkins gr8 to meet you today! Hope to see you again soon at a :-)

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@EdEnthusiast I really think YouTube (esp how it mobilizes video content for playback on multiple devices) is the best option

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@EdEnthusiast 1st thought is publish to YouTube as “unlisted” videos, then embed them only within your walled garden LMS @edmodo Moodle etc

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I’m working with 3 local OKC authors on the @writesellwell writing conf on Sep 21. We need to borrow or rent LCD4 projectors. Ideas?

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I uploaded a new episode, “Getting started with a classroom blog”, on @spreaker…

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new post: Managing Distractions: Maintaining Focus and Creating Media h/t @KansasNana

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iReading: Calling all bloggers! – Leadership Day b@mcleodored

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@KansasNana previously I had just looked at that headline & read, I watched the video this morning. Very good. Thanks!

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@EdGamer yes! We had an unconference Friday in Missoula to conclude & that was in a Minecraft session :-)

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iReading: How to Unlock All of YouTube’s Geek Week Easter Eggs by @michejaw @mashable

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