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August 29th, 2013

@julnilsmith so do you have to have a paid @presentdotme account to upload audio to go with slides?

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MT @nashworld Engagement = element in the affective domain & a very important 1. Conversion of that toward the cognitive domain: what we do.

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just registered with @sfryer for Nov 9!

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@LauraGilchrist4 thanks for the heads up on tonight’s chat :-)

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more resources & ideas related to visual literacy on Mapping Media to the Common Core :-)


@nashworld interesting point. I think there are many educators who do consider “engagement” the goal. Can you elaborate?

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@kat_byte that’s gr8! We need more opportunities for innovative, social-media using supts to influence each other!

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@kat_byte the most influential people for your supt on twitter are other school admins/supts who are using social media!

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@manuelherrera33 A3a best response 2 “fluff” assertation = cite Marzano Classroom Instruction that Works

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@EduOptimus1 super resource, thanks for sharing that one! :-) @dwwed

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A3 Another great way to get students engaged with visual learning is to teach & encourage visual notetaking


@julnilsmith no I haven’t yet - but I’ll add to to my to do list! Thanks :-)

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A3 start with “5 Photo Stories” to engage students in visual learning!


Narrated slideshows should become the “new PowerPoint” much better to include student voices!


amikegreen2 Please vote for @drsyb to speak @websummithq. Find her pic, click like twice, CONFIRM vote. THANKS!

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awesome comedian video on @netflix! Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe via @bobsprankle

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@tedxokc @TEDxOU When is our next TEDx event in Oklahoma?! :-)

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just showed my daughter, Rachel, my @TEDxOU talk for the 1st time: Becoming Your Family’s Digital Witness

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iReading: Your guide to Google Now on iOS by @CNET

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RT @mobile2013: Have you heard? The registration deadline for has been extended to 9/4. That’s in 1 week!

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iReading: When it Comes to Content, Who Cares if there’s an App for That? by @copyblogger via @@kcwriter

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Just stole the mayorship of Taqueria Sanchez on @Foursquare! Crown me!

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ARFlashcards Teachers! We are setting up a new page on our site showing off how you use AR Flashcards in the classroom. Go here:

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my son’s 1st post on the Scrolls forum of Reddit a few days ago has received several comments cc @EdGamer

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iReading: How to Add Voice Comments to Google Documents @rmbyrne via @cheryloakes50

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cheryloakes50 Is anyone using Active Textbook? I am ready to dive in.

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I REALLY like the customized e-textbook publishing model of @flat_world - I’m considering offering & w them

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2read: The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, & Creativity at Work by @TeresaAmabile

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iReading: Slowing the work treadmill by @TeresaAmabile via @roxanneglaser

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@beil nice! Thanks for the tip :-)

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davidwees Does anyone know someone on Twitter who teaches middle school math in an NYC Public School? I need 5 minutes of their time, if possible.

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I used the iPhone app “Touch Blur” (free) & used it to selectively blur a photo for Instagram

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Chicago Breakfast of Champions! @ Nuts on Clark

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@oktoy2013 I will share your positive message - that was actually my almost 10 year old daughter. She is quite the inspiration already :-)

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Almost had to divert this morning to Milwaukee - low clouds in Chicago today. Another good flight w @SouthwestAir :-)

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