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September 5th, 2013

iReading: The NSA has cracked the secure internet: 3 things to know about latest Snowden leaks by @gigaom cc @mguhlin

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Good article about the ongoing corporate money grab under the banner of “Common Core Standards” via @KidsLearnFromMe

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okeducation Tulsa charter school sends girl home over hair… What happened to accepting people for who they are?

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OklahomaHoF Free field trips for students at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum! Apply online!

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@garrison_todd indeed it is! :-) I really enjoy wearing my “parent hat” at times too!

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RT @jaherbel: @OKPolicy A detailed & thorough representation of the effects of SQ766. A must read.

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@meanjean99 next @classenSASptsa communications meeting = Wednesday Oct 2nd, 6 - 7 pm. Check notes in our Google Doc, I emailed the link :-)

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@ELanghorst But you DO have a book to publish, the story of engaging your students with online writing and author Skype calls! :-)

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Fantastic @classenSASptsa communications committee meeting tonight! gr8 to work w other committed parents & teachers in @OKCPS !

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MT @drsyb: The EBOOK for Innovate: Lessons from the Underground Railroad is now available!

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iReading: Why Having a Platform May be the Only Way to Sell Books

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iReading: Oyster Releases the First True Netflix-for-E-books App by @mashable

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iReading: Politicians get in hot water playing games on their smartphones & viewing inappropriate material

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skibtech Love this use of Vine to share faves & build excitement about books! RT @MrSchuReads: First graders have good taste.

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Just did an interview about the Sep 21 @writesellwell conference in OKC w @NewsOK reporter Carla Hinton @OKRelig

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Amazing @thestorywithdg audio interview w Lindy, a Kansan who survived the dust bowl

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MT @TechMinock: @threering is a powerful tool for creating digital portfolios and securely sharing them with parents!

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Just shared the iPad app Three Ring w/ @okaplus as a great digital portfolio platform! h/t @TechMinock

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gr8 meeting this morning w Karyn Hutchens at @UCOBronchos about their teacher academy program, hoping I can help out w social media

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gr8 worldwide collab example: Managing Risks of Extreme Events &
Disasters to Advance Climate Change

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iReading: Why John Boehner Still Can’t Have It All by @TheAtlantic (analysis of the many issues now facing Congress)

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iReading: We Post Nothing About Our Daughter Online by @webbmedia (interesting take on digital posts by parents)

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iReading: I can’t reach the bar, it’s too low! by @JMSPrincipal via @James409Jason

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@williebee I’m good. Time is moving faster these days tho, have you noticed?! :-)

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Walking to School on her 10th birthday

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new post: Why I Re-priced my Mapping Media eBook from $5 to $15

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