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October 21st, 2013

@PaulSolarz your classroom @weebly site is gr8. How does it compare2 @KidblogDotOrg for student writing & portfolios? psolarz.weebly.com

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Are you an @OKCPS teacher on fall break? Attend the iMovie for iPad workshop by @storychasers on Wed Oct 23rd free! ow.ly/q2KDt

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kfasimpaur And has started! Lots of high quality, free, online, asynchronous professional learning opportunities! k12onlineconference.org/?p=1958

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cchausis Free PD starts today! Great ideas on Connecting Classrooms from @kathycassidy k12onlineconference.org/?p=1900

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dreambition You’ve got to check out ow.ly/q266b Some great sessions already posted… more added daily! via

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kfasimpaur meets Vialogues. @telliowkuwp you’ll like this one! vialogues.com/vialogues/play…

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@kfasimpaur this is very cool - like @SoundCloud time stamped commenting but for YouTube videos!

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robcostain “I want you to think about the classrooms you want for your children…”:@wfryer

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@robcostain thank you for capturing that quotation :-) @torres21 is a teacher I first remember explicitly encouraging that focus!

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@clonghb yes definitely - @ninmah is an AWESOME visual note taker & creativity role model!

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@TParks @sfryer I’ll send contact info via email, they are doing fab videoconferencing & want to collaborate more w classes!

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@TParks @sfryer Found a gr8 collaborative partner school for you in Canada: Grenville Elementary School ow.ly/25KX9T

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@LeSommelierFou be sure to check out these gr8 iMovie for iPad movie trailer PDF storyboards teachingparadox.edublogs.org/files/2012/08/… by @DwyerTeacher

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@a_mcsquared excellent! I’ve started a Coding for iPad curriculum page on stem.wesfryer.com/home/ipad-codi… Let me know how it goes!

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@Craig_68 what are you liking most about Tellagami?

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Now seeing gr8 demo by @edtechschools at of iPad digital portfolio app “3 Ring” ow.ly/q1nkG (free)

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Powerful portfolio juxtaposition: CA Missions 1 youtu.be/UKOLhyFAcpQ vs 2 youtu.be/G-9M4I1HRt8 via @edtechschools

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@edtechschools “I’ve purchased .com domains for my 2 & 5 year old children 2use later in life 2 build their digital footprints”

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“Digital Student portfolios: Redefining Assessment using iPads & the Cloud” by @edtechschools bit.ly/tabletsummit

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nlemelin Make students’ thinking visible through back channeling in the classroom @wfryer

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susanvg Literacy is way more than text - creativity, design, synthesizing ideas.@wfryere13

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susanvg Embrace transformative learning with courage @wfryer

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@bobsprankle Guess whose session I’m getting to attend now at ?! None other than the amazing @edtechschools :-)

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@davservello thanks! I hope you find some of the ideas helpful! :-)

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@HollyEdTechDiva wow - that is impressive given the time difference! I’m honored :-) Thanks @edtechschools :-)

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I’ve updated SlideShare links to my presentations about Mapping Media to the Common Core since August j.mp/1gZPWj5

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new post: 2013 Tablet Summit in Montreal: Your Table[t]d’hôte Today j.mp/1a5XD42

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slides for my 2013 Tablet Summit keynote in Montreal: Your Table[t]d’hôte Today ow.ly/q0eB0

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k12online New post: K12Online13 Day 1 Presentations: 21 October 2013 bit.ly/1dapW4k

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I’m thrilled to be in Montreal, Quebec today for :-) Here’s the link to my keynote slides: goo.gl/nozP1M

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new post: Great News for iPad Videographers (Open-In Audio Functionality Added to Pinnacle Studio) j.mp/1a5QIaZ

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I use @buffer to share updates via my social media channels, & it “schedules” these throughout the day for me! (Yes, I do sleep at night!)

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