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October 25th, 2013

new post: Project Management Tools, Tips and Tricks (Oct 2013) j.mp/1c5MZJZ

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new podcast: Project Management Tools, Tips and Tricks (Oct 2013) j.mp/1c5I1Nt On Fuel 4 Educational Change Agents

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iReading: How to Do a Clean Install of OS X Mavericks j.mp/1ijfOEs by @mashable

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ScienceCalendar Oct. 26, 1366-The nucleus of Comet Tempel-Tuttle passed only 2 million miles from the Earth. Closest recorded approach by a periodic comet.

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@brettelockyer from the past tweets it looks like you all are continuing a grand adventure! :-)

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@jjash I’m hanging in here… How about you? :-)

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iReading: Here’s how much Smashwords authors will get paid thru ebook subscription service Oyster j.mp/1g1t9nS by @laurahazardowen

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Just watched& commented on “Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development” j.mp/1aKwzUK @edtechschools @HollyEdTechDiva

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I watched & commented on @principalwells preso “Writing – It’s All about Collaboration and Sharingj.mp/1eRK3T8h1

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iReading: Education Department postpones release of A-F grades 4 schools j.mp/1a5OqVb via @FoundationOKCPS

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iReading: Rolling Out an iPad Pilot Program, With Eyes Wide Open j.mp/1gNh3jJ by @MindShiftKQED

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iReading: Titan Arm: Bionic bicep gives you the strength of Hercules j.mp/1aqZO2f by @CNN

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I just watched & posted a comment on @Bessaltman & @TerraBodkins preso “Blogging with Little People” j.mp/1hfIyjE

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kfasimpaur today to the whole team! U r awesome! @pgeorge @susanvg @coordinatortwo @GingerLewman @wfryer

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k12online New post: K12Online13 Day 5 Presentations: 25 October, 2013 bit.ly/16zOjB9

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Slides for my @Rosestate luncheon preso today: Project Management Tools, Tips & Tricks j.mp/HiRes5

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Elderly Doorstop @ First Presbyterian Church instagram.com/p/f49mxPugM_/

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iReading: Eric Schmidt: The Future of Magazines Is on Tablets j.mp/HkEnom by @mashable

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Know students who love “Ylvis - The Fox” & Minecraft? Then show them this remix video: “The Squid” j.mp/1aneRdb (via my son)

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@bcrosby I was wondering about that. Yikes.

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