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October 28th, 2013

iReading: Obama Wants to Bring High-Speed Internet to 99% of U.S. Students j.mp/HcvaPo by @mashable via @MindShiftKQED

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cybraryman1 Please join Secretary of Education @arneduncan on to discuss Connected Educator Month. 8pm EST

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shannonmmiller First Grade looking for students in other countries to share their holiday traditions….oral history project. :aat

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Sunset Contrails @ Quad City International Airport Gift Shop instagram.com/p/gB1xihugLZ/

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@garr_s congrats to you!!! What is your top advice for a teacher about to create their 1st @iTunesU course?

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librarymall@make: Home is where the wi-fi connects automatically.
bit.ly/1cW7VGZ pic.twitter.com/cCN5KORyPX it’s the new electricity

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MT @twoodwar: “BEAUTY OF MATHEMATICS” video - equation, diagram & reality j.mp/HcvEFh

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smartinez Digital divide of 21st century is btwn schools w/ access to tech for creativity and construction vs tech to deliver instruction

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@PellJess help your students create media to show what they know. Start w 5 Photo Stories … tmi.me/1blxDl

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iReading: Children’s Media Use in America Infographic 0-8 yrs) by @CommonSense via @ddraper flip.it/srl62

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shareski What’s your favorite video under 3 minutes that really gets at how learning is different today?

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@mcleod I do! Will I need to pay $1500?

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@Sumlendia I haven’t - thanks for the recc.

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@Sumlendia will @quizlet shares include the photos I’ve added?

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@Sumlendia thanks so much! A+ Flashcards Pro ow.ly/qg5Em works gr8 on my iPhone! Can I upload2 @quizlet & share w other teachers?

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@Sumlendia thanks! and the A+ Flashcards Pro app is currently free! ow.ly/26aU6U

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iReading: Creating on the iPad - Shadow Puppet (updated) j.mp/1aauBfz by @mguhlin

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Mmmmm Chicago! cc djakes @ Garrett Popcorn Shops instagram.com/p/gBe_p5ugIT/

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A cool day in Chicago! (@ Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) w/ 197 others) 4sq.com/17oh9uj

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@Caecilius when you were brainstorming dream apps, is a student picture and name flash card app one that you’re wanting to find?

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@iteachchem awesome, thanks for suggesting @quizlet - I know students in Yarmouth, ME that work w @alicebarr love it. I’ll give it a try :-)

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I’m looking for an iPad app that will let me take pictures of students and then create flashcards with their names. Suggestions?

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iReading: CyberDuck Waddles To Version 4.4 j.mp/HoMBg8 by @macnews

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iReading: Digital technology and creativity in the classroom prepares kids for the future j.mp/17nEBb5 via @EmergingEdTech

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iReading: Five-Minute Film Festival: Copyright and Fair Use for Educators j.mp/1aOMph6 by @VideoAmy on @edutopia

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iReading: A Teacher Perspective: Advice for Principals j.mp/17nDqs5 by @edutopia

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“knowledge is a consequence of experience” by @garystager j.mp/1aAxOte

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in a “maker” classroom, kids become the engines of their own ideas by @smartinez
@garystager j.mp/1aAxOte

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iReading: Don’t Be Bored. Do Something j.mp/1ioyq5S by @make via @smartinez @garystager

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iReading: Makin’ and Daily Creatin’ the Open Web j.mp/19KGqwi by @dogtrax

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scratchteam Yesterday, the 4 millionth project was shared on our website: scratch.mit.edu/statistics

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iReading: Book Review: 100 Diagrams that Changed the World j.mp/18Zii9D by @dogtrax

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Larryferlazzo Developing leadership in classrooms, schools & communities is topic of my @k12online keynote today. See it here k12onlineconference.org/?p=1565

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I just watched & commented on “Making the Case for Making in Schools” j.mp/1ioAdYz by @smartinez @garystager

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k12online New post: K12Online13 Day 6 Presentations 28 October 2013 bit.ly/1g6z37k

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@John_Bailey The same group of “true believers” in corporate edu reform wrote ESEA waiver legislation so it’s no coincidence they require it

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@John_Bailey I agree. Sadly many myths about positive / healing powers of high stakes testing are widely believed by many, it’s bipartisan

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@John_Bailey I agree student surveys for K12 can play a constructive role in as they can in higherEd. What states are doing this?

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k_ferrell @jdungan Here’s another great commenting resource I just found: yollisclassblog.blogspot.sg/2010/10/how-to… Thanks to @lindayollis

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@Nena_Nic I’ve studied it a bit & am always interested to learn more :-)

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