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October 30th, 2013

@dmantz7 I was hoping I didn’t run afoul of you in some way! Must be Twitter gremlins. They’ve moved over from Skype where they usually live

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@ColleenKR glad you found & like that video too! TEDed videos like that ROCK!

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@MsLaidler Excellent! Long live creative imaginations & makers inside & outside the classroom :-)

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Amazing story, Pat was a friend of my dad @taf1958: 1963 AFA Grad’s Class Ring Returns Home2 Academy j.mp/1hvogCS via @KansasNana

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@gregkulowiec very cool / I need to play w DoInk Green Screen app… @fuglefun uses & loves it :-) cc @mguhlin

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@tina_woo it is a really great place to shop :-) I love the downtown architecture!

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Superb article on the MYTH of learning styles. Really, really good by @guywwallace j.mp/HfZusq (challenges common beliefs)

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Indeed he will with a face like that @ Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) instagram.com/p/gHTTnlugBq/

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Trolley Time @ Galena Trolley Tours instagram.com/p/gHRJX6ugN9/

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At night, through the clouds, over Chicago @ Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) instagram.com/p/gHPxaGOgMI/

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iReading: AppSmashing with iMovie in iOS7 j.mp/1h1JxWY by @gregkulowiec via @dreambition cc @mguhlin

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iReading: Can 50 Closed Chicago Schools Become 50 Makerspaces j.mp/1h1LgM2 via @MsMagiera

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skibtech Definitely a must watch for students, makers & humans everywhere! RT @MsLaidler: @skibtech @JasonMMarkey upworthy.com/watch-the-firs…

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@MsLaidler your cardboard maker projects look gr8! Do you have a link to instructions / suggestions I could check out? :-)

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iReading: Will President Obama Stop Supporting Corporate Reformers j.mp/1h1JdYe by @drjohnthompson in @HuffingtonPost

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@ProfeDavey4th your student built circuit lesson looked great! Do you have a link to your lesson plan / resources?

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studiobree Pumpkin book reports make me smile. The kids are SO PROUD of their creations! @ProfeDavey4th pic.twitter.com/qW5v2Ti84j

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@drjohnthompson I’d love to hear about. Good article… So sad. When will our leaders abandon these destructive efforts? :-(

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@AmericanAir thankfully I didn’t check bags & you all rescheduled me for another flight connecting thru Chicago! :-)

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A good night NOT to check bags: A birdstrike to an engine cancelled my @AmericanAir flight out of Moline, IL, rescheduling now thru Chicago

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iReading: Want to elegantly mix your calendar & task list together? Check out Fantastical 2 j.mp/19TlC5P by @KevinCTofel @gigaom

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“In Geekbench 3 benchmarks published today, the iPad Air was found to be twice as fast as the iPad 4.” j.mp/1crgxG5 by @MacRumors

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iReading: Apple dominant in elementary schools with room to grow, as just 25% use iPads j.mp/HsQXTH by @appleinsider

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RT @nharm: ? of the day: What can I still do w/ an iPad 1/First Gen? Please assist me w/ coming up w/ 20 ideas goo.gl/NKkdJt

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@nharm I’m glad to help :-) let me know how it goes!

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k12online New post: K12Online13 Day 8 Presentations 30 October 2013 bit.ly/1aCkLW4

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Surveying the Mighty Mississippi [VIDEO] instagram.com/p/gGpBABOgOW/

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Check out the gr8 “interactive writing with media” Illinois teachers did at this week! j.mp/1f4eK7y

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@keledy how does that work during the day? At lunchtime?

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@dmantz7 weird - twitter was acting strange for me earlier this ks sending other DMs… May be related to the buffer hack this week?

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Morris_Phil Are teachers having students reflect on paper or blogs? Add the power of media to the reflection using blogs.

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Another resource: Project based learning

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lwhitman LOVE the Hopscotch app for iPad! @wfryer at NFI

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iReading: Virgin Galactic ‘not much of a space flight’, says astronaut @Cmdr_Hadfield j.mp/16JXuVd by @guardian

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iReading: Engaging Pre-Service Teachers in Authentic Writing Instruction j.mp/1aGlFTu by @hickstro

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new post: Things We’ve Learned Recently (Narrated Art) ow.ly/qjR54

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@hardy101 weird: Twitter let me send 1 DM to you but not a 2nd…

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@hardy101 Here is the site I just DMed you about kidblog.org/nficon13

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gr8 example how “Find My iPhone” can help “Find my iPad’s Thief” j.mp/1aSi8OD (in OKC) by @NEWS9 via @KansasNana

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iReading: Apple iPad Air Raises the Tablet Bar j.mp/1aGhpn7 by @mashable

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@LindaAragoni I’m adding digital badging to Mapping a Media soon which will hopefully encourage more secondary Ts to share examples

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@LindaAragoni Great question - please help & share HS eBook examples! I find secondary teachers are using media w Ss less than elementary…

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iReading: Google’s Halloween Easter Eggs Are Ghoulishly Awesome j.mp/1aGfUW3 by @mashable

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