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November 16th, 2013

gr8 news: @audioBoo has combined its 3 apps into 1: “One app to rule them all!”

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iReading: Getting your home movies into iCloud’s iMovie Theater on your Apple TV by @gigaom @ggeoffre

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@KincerLisa it will be another, separate 3 day @iPadMediaCamp workshop

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Outstanding podcast of interviews with eyewitnesses of JFK’s assassination by @bbcworldservice

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@RanLearns yes, priorities are a problem. But out-of-control entitlements are huge issue…

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I’d like help brainstorming a “part 2” title for @iPadMediaCamp - Should it be phase 2, part 2, or something else? Still a 3 day workshop…

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I just published my eBook “Hopscotch Challenges: Learn to code on an iPad” to@AmazonKDP Here’s my cover!

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Amen! “We do not have a revenue problem in America. We have an incessant spending disease.” by @AllenWest

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Interactive Teen Birthday Party @ Northpark Mall

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vaughnfender This print from @joshlafayette brings me so much joy.

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How the $2 movie theater makes money @ Starplex Cinemas Northpark 7

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FoundationOKCPS Thinking about a field trip to the state Capitol? Here’s a resource @OKCPS

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I just commented on @dougpete ‘s post “How Wes Fryer Ruined My Day” -a positive post about @hopscotch & !

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@Stephanie_Jo12 @EdGamer looks gr8! Were you creating GeoMaps w Google Maps? Do you have a link to the workshop resources?

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“Since the 1990s, preservice teacher education Finland has emphasized hands-on, experiential science (cont)

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“All higher education in Finland as of 2011 was free” by @pasi_sahlberg

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important idea from @pasi_sahlberg: “Structural elements which caused students to fail (cont)

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CasadySTEM new demo video: Add Emoji Keyboard Icons to @hopscotch for iPad (by 5th grader, Cash)

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version 1.2 update to free EPUB eBook “Hopscotch Challenges” available! (new chapters added!)

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liveclass20 Join us NoonET: Nov. Featured Teacher @ldmoffat re tools 4 online teaching-Scratch,Moodle,Adobe & more

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iReading: Interview: Tom Wheeler isn’t afraid to wave the FCC’s big regulatory stick by @gigaom

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