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November 17th, 2013

@fryed thanks for your kind shout-out on my podcast in your latest blog post :-)…

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My latest eBook “Hopscotch Challenges: Learn to Code on an iPad!” is available FREE on @Smashwords

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kodable FYI programming edu chat is Tues at 8pm EST I hope you can make it!

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Everyone remember starts tomorrow & runs all week, gr8 opportunities for idea sharing!

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@jaherbel gr8 job moderating tonight! well done :-)

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@kodable have you seen a coding curriculum for @hopscotch anywhere? I created an eBook last week…

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@James409Jason I hope we can change the tide of ed reform in our state… continued conversations & collaboration are key!

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A8 I jump into “the river” of gr8 edu ideas in my @feedly subscriptions every day at least once :-)

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@NancyJoLambert I really wish @sfryer & I could have made it to this year! The planets did not align this time :-(

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A8 I maintain a list of innovative educators (my Yodas) on

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yabooksandmore @jaherbel we have campus instructional techs at every school who’s more than willing to go into classrooms. Relationships matter

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@dena_rogers @dougeb00 most important Internet safety lesson for Ss is not to meet F2F w/ people who have discussed sex online :-(

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@dena_rogers @dougeb00 Important to discuss what info 2share/disclose personally. Key = having regular chances to discuss in context

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@chanselor that is WONDERFUL! Working in a culture supportive of innovation is SO important :-)

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@valibrarian yes, and it’s amazing how much we need to PRACTICE collaboration in school! Doesn’t come naturally for many Ss!

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ChrisParadise A7) Teaching kids to blog helps them find their voice. It gives them a purpose for writing & can teach them that words have power.

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@dougeb00 A7 so many! Students connecting w an authentic audience beyond the classroom, discussing digital citizenship regularly

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A5 not being 1:1 but having students share iPads is an obstacle to innovation, tho I’m thankful to have some iPads at all…

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mrsclaybar @wfryer connecting with likeminded educators and their wealth of knowledge has given me confidence to try things in my classroom

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@mrsclaybar awesome!!! That is so good to hear - bravo!

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A5 a lack of provided time to collaborate with other Ts in our building is an obstacle to innovation

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@mrsclaybar how has Twitter been professionally amazing for you this year?

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KittyHerbel A2: I’ve created a 4th & 5th Grade news crew at my school.

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@tanyapsnook can students collaborate together with you and each other on documents, just like in G Docs?

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@Hoffman1stGrade yikes. Sounds like your senior admins & school board members need a social media boot camp :-(

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@tanyapsnook Do you have recommended Ts to follow on twitter or links to follow/read on that?

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@tanyapsnook I’d like to learn more about schools doing innovative things w/ interactive writing on Microsoft Sharepoint

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JustinMann_ A2 One of my students created her own app to submit her cells project!! :) vid:…

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@tanyapsnook You don’t have access to Google Docs at school? Texas needs a GeoMap showing schools which block Google Drive :-(

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skdeford A2 I use @vocaroo and QR codes for oral admin of tests for my dyslexic students. It puts them in control.

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A2 In December we’re going to build & problem solve in MinecraftEDU, really looking forward to that! @iesSTEM

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@Hoffman1stGrade if you have a web browser your Ss can create a radio show w @spreaker

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A2 students are using @KidblogDotOrg sites to post photos of STEM projects they’ve done in class @iesSTEM

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A1 SAMR is a good framework, innovation is the transformative level, doing things not possible w/o tech

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Wes, @iesSTEM grade 4-5 STEM teacher at @IESYukon in @YukonDistrict

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Rachel editing her 2nd book this afternoon on Google Docs (to be published via @Luludotcom soon!)

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Heart wrenching photos of typhoon destruction in the Philippines by @Cropperboyce

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iReading: What If We Said No by @karlfisch (in context of the PARCC tests)

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@MrCahoon a session on classroom maker lessons would also be gr8

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@MrCahoon sessions on creating interactive ebooks w students are also gr8 - see

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@MrCahoon I’d offer a session on coding w/ Scratch & another w @hopscotch for iPad

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important discussions about school finance in St Louis: Getting To The Root Of Problems In School Districts by @NPR

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now available for Amazon Kindle: Hopscotch Challenges: Learn to Code on an iPad!

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@MSD_Supt Would you be interested in doing an audio podcast interview sometime about your thoughts on educational & school finance reform?

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@MSD_Supt thanks for your recent comments in last week’s @NPR interview. So sorry you were cut off mid-sentence :-(

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Private schools in Africa make teaching a 100% “read the script & deliver content” experience for students & (cont)

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Tablet tech used 2 script education & classroom instruction to the extreme in Africa via private schools via @NPR :-(

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gr8 3rd grade student newspaper: @NewRoarTimes built w free tool @RebelMouse via @DylanMRyder

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DylanMRyder 4th grader @The_School Hope: “We had no student newspaper, so we decide to start one!” @TEDxYTheSchool

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juliebroderick Follow @NewRoarTimes a student led newspaper @The_School started by Hope and her peers last year in 3rd grade! @TEDxYTheSchool

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jaherbel Join me Sunday at 8 pm CST as I host . We will be discussing “Innovating Education with Technology”

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