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November 26th, 2013

mwmedvinsky I want to continue to rub minds with educators who are on fire. @wfryer @Techbradwaid @TechMinock

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pwagnerlcisd “Where we see innovative leadership, we see innovative change” via @wfryer

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@AlynnMeyer how to respect Ss & elevate expectations for what they can do… & effective classroom management strategies :-)

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MT @TedHiff: @wfryer reminds us of the 3 Ts of computers: Tutor, Tool, and Tu-tee h/t @garystager @smartinez

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new post: Hangin’ Out with Brad and Drew j.mp/IrRlkY @TechMinock @Techbradwaid [VIDEO]

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TechMinock Meet the Robots - Introducing Bo & Yana, delightful robots that fuse play with programming. play-i.com/?src=tw @playi @wfryer

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csgamble @AlynnMeyer @pwagnerlcisd @wfryer Replace any tech phrase with the word pencil, and you will see if inovation is truely happening.

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TechMinock JOIN US IN A FEW MINUTES LIVE!! Two Guys and Some iPads: The #14: @wfryer twoguysandsomeipads.com/2013/11/the-2g…

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Techbradwaid Going live with @wfryer in about 15 min. Join us tonight! Chat with us!

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iReading: If Microsoft Says Chromebooks Are a Con, It’s a Compliment to Chromebooks j.mp/18FBnOD via @harrymccracken

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iReading: Getting More Girls Into STEM Careers: Lessons From a Principal j.mp/IrvpX7 by @LydiaDobyns @HuffPostTech via @LPFI

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gr8 research: Generation STEM: What Girls Say about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math j.mp/18Fs5lL via @GSWESTOK

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scottcharlson We are launching our 1st. Maker Fair event through our Professional Development Network Consortium. Can’t wait to s.lnkd.in/bmQ2U_ssr

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TechMinock Just 3 hours away until the with @wfryer at 9pm EST! RSVP here: bit.ly/1bgcIm5 @2GuysShow @EdReachUs @Techbradwaid

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iReading: Kano - A Pi-Based, DIY Kit Computer Designed 2Make Learning 2Code Child’s Play j.mp/18Frxwl via @scottcharlson

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focused Girl Scout “Journey” program & curriculum: It’s Your Planet - Love It! j.mp/194ReCP @GSWESTOK

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Learning about NSF funded EPSCoR @GSWESTOK 5 year grant j.mp/18FqgW4 ($4 million grant administered by Oklahoma State Univ)

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@gigastacey it was all good… I just thought it was the wrong podcast at first!

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I’m attending the 1st @GSWESTOK STEM Committee meeting in - very excited to be a part of this curriculum group!

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iesSTEM new Google Group post: @MinecraftEdu Java file won’t start in Win7 groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/…

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iReading: Amazing Closeups Of Snowflakes Give A Little Glimpse At How Awesome Nature Is j.mp/1949fRP

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iReading: ATOMS Express Toys A Fun Way To Foster Kid Hackers j.mp/1cpKSR8 by @RWW via @gigastacey

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@gigastacey the discussion about Atoms w Michael Rosenblatt starts 19 min into the podcast, but your post doesn’t clarify that…

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@gigastacey I think you have the wrong SoundCloud podcast link on this post, it’s about home automation not play ow.ly/283xIl

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new post: A Free iPad Alternative to BoardDocs For Meeting Agenda and File Sharing j.mp/18kKo1u

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iReading: Can Book Clubs Thrive in the Digital Age? j.mp/1em6Qpn by @mashable

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