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November 27th, 2013

I’ve changed the mobile theme for my primary WordPress blog to the free JetPack plugin mobile theme j.mp/196W42t

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iReading: Champion of Change: Daddy & the j.mp/1b5BOOn by @budtheteacher

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@storymakersf I advocate for more uses of multimedia to help students show what they know & understand :-) wfryer.me/map

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@mguhlin what’s your take on using ow.ly/rfmDp personally for device tracking / security? Is there a service you prefer instead?

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iReading: How Verizon’s Lawsuit Could Kill Netflix, YouTube j.mp/1fJUcV1 by @tomsguide via @snd_wagenseil

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iReading: Would You Please Say Something Nice? j.mp/1fJPxlX by @budtheteacher

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@techchick94 what was the other theft device recovery tool you all talked about and had used successfully other than Prey Project?

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gr8 musical creativity tool! Unleash Ur inner composer w/ Incredibox! j.mp/1aZ3LLi via @techchicktips @techchick94 @BetterAnnaMac

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Install or update lots of software programs at once, gr8 for computer labs: Ninite j.mp/IhiAyZ via @YukonDistrict IT dept

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@techchick94 thank YOU for the great ideas and links in your latest show!!!

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gr8 open source device security: Prey Project j.mp/18olGO3 via @techchicktips j.mp/1aZ0Xh8 @techchick94 @BetterAnnaMac

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Super podcast jam packed with wonderful tips & links: @techchicktips by @techchick94 @BetterAnnaMac pcasts.in/vNh2

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iReading: How To Cook A Turkey In A Dishwasher j.mp/IoZtU0 [VIDEO] via @BrianLockwood (gr8 culinary creativity!)

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1 of my favorite lines from Braveheart: “Now that is something we shall have to remedy”

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@MsLaidler yw :-) @Techbradwaid & @TechMinock & super elementary teachers full of gr8 ideas. They are presenting at in February too!

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smartinez @wfryer @TedHiff citejournal.org/vol3/iss2/semi… Papert extended with a forth dimension, “computer as material” papert.org/articles/Compu…

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@smartinez thanks! This framework for thinking about & using computers is SO important!

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TechMinock Miss our show?! No worries, check it out here! Two Guys and Some iPads: The #14: @wfryer twoguysandsomeipads.com/2013/11/the-2g…

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@BarbInNebraska I might have been… Not sure. So glad you got a @IFTTT recipe to work!

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iReading: The White House Got It Right j.mp/17WHvn5 by @TechMinock @Techbradwaid

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