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December 4th, 2013

I started a new @MinecraftEdu resource page on my @iesSTEM @IESYukon curriculum site

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started watching amazing video: Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 275: World Tour by @EthoLP h/t @Legoarf

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@Legoarf you seen @qCraftMod (quantum physics in Minecraft)? - looks cool!…

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just watched: qCraft: A Beginner’s Guide To Quantum Physics In Minecraft [VIDEO] 3.5 min

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allisonschlags @joshwhammond went to a minecraft workshop yesterday and loved it. Wish I could have brought with me.

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@allisonschlags thanks SO much for sharing the workshop doc! My @iesSTEM Ss just started @MinecraftEdu today!

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ricarose Create and share an interactive holiday card using with this tutorial:

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iReading: EdCafes in the Classroom - EdCafes in the Classroom via @jimlerman

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ISTEMLN Join @PaulHamilton8 & @wfryer and @sigml members for our tweetchat for Dec 9 at 9 PM EST @hopscotch @kodable

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First lessons with @MinecraftEdu today with @iesSTEM @IESYukon students, the enthusiasm level was sky high!

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@MrRainie perhaps! I saw that typo after I sent it but didn’t correct… could have been Freudian to be sure :-)

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@mathrabbit1 sadly the legislative & executive chorus in Oklahoma continues to be similar… Leaders following the Chiefs 4 Change drumbeat

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“Examplars” of tested 5th grade writing were posted this week by @oksde

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Can someone please explain these PISA scores in context? Who comprised the US student sample?

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iReading: U.S. Allies Still Angry at Snowden’s Revelations of U.S. Spying by @TIME

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iReading: Woman Fights Ticket for Driving with Google Glass by @TIME

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