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December 8th, 2013

gr8 video playlist: Etho’s Minecraft Speed Challenges @MinecraftEdu via @Legoarf cc @EdGamer

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@coolcatteacher thanks for sharing my free @hopscotch ebook in your gr8 @edutopia article!

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@diquesinovias I quit using Ad Rotate & haven’t find a replacement yet :-(

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@ahicktiger wow - thanks for lettinge know!

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iReading: Warp Field Mechanics 101 by Dr Harold White of @NASA via @SGgrc (Warp drive possible?!)ā€¦

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iReading: The best ways to edit and view Microsoft Office docs on your iPad by @ggeoffre @gigaom

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mres Save the date: the next Scratch@MIT conference will be August 6-9, 2014 at MIT Media Lab

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medialab Why teachers shouldn’t be nervous about the shift to coding

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@ggeoffre excellent, thanks. I will check out that article too!

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@newfirewithin That is actually how I found the post, so glad I did. I will vote for you :-)

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Merry Christmas! @ First Presbyterian Church

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One of our 4th graders today showed me the website “Huz” he likes for free online games

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Light snow softly falling this beautiful Sunday morning, a perfect moment to drink a cup of heavily sugared coffee & read before church! :-)

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VERY powerful post: And I Walk Away, or How I Finally Decided to Quit Teaching by @newfirewithin (read comments too)

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