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December 24th, 2013

PaulHamilton8 10 yr old girl publishes first @iBooks on @iBookstore

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iReading: How A 5-Yr-Old Used An iPad To Become A Published Author j.mp/19olYVo woo hoo @janeinjava @bookcreatorapp via @jimlerman

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iReading: Breathtaking Examples of Winter Landscape Photography j.mp/K1WiC8

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FragileOasis Europe Christmas Eve 2011 pic.twitter.com/esQq6adjF6

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NASA gets a great gift this evening: the new pump module has been reactivated and is working well. go.nasa.gov/19fkIkQ

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Silent Night, Holy Night @ Covenant Presbyterian Church instagram.com/p/iVCnEjugGY/

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eyesrightblog O Holy Night - a Christmas Eve solo ow.ly/29p42K recorded with @audioboo

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My new fav song this holiday: “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel (Frozen) instagram.com/p/iU4OKfugOT/

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Merry Christmas everyone! @ First Presbyterian Church instagram.com/p/iUuEc1OgG7/

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Sing Choirs of Angels! @ First Presbyterian Church instagram.com/p/iUnyQvOgKt/

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Angel Alert! @ First Presbyterian Church instagram.com/p/iUlA8tugEi/

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showed video “Republic, Lost” j.mp/19eLWYS by @lessig to my son, explaining why change is needed to

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just referenced my conf session curriculum “Mobile Apps & Curriculum for Your Class” j.mp/19eJHVH in a blog comment about iTunesU

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“money in the wrong place makes us trust LESS” by @lessig in “Republic Lost” j.mp/19eHBoG

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“Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Is Doing 2 Hide It, & How 2 Protect Your Family” j.mp/1hCPiaw

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very interesting: Learning via @lessig about Bisphenol A (BPA) j.mp/19eGpSi (big differences in industry v indep study results)

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new post: Podcast412: Reflections on Prisons, Schools, Poverty and Families in Oklahoma j.mp/1cm9ufE

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iReading: Magnetic Force - STEM Integrates with ELA in the Classroom! j.mp/19KDSQi by Henry Ingwersen

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I used the free Fotor online photo editor to create a Christmas card for a friend today j.mp/19KyZa1

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AmRadioWorks “Invent” author @smartinez you can’t deliver learning: kids construct it in their own heads bit.ly/JnUBOM pic.twitter.com/IekrU8OdWt

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@coolcatteacher I started blogging in June of 2003, so I hit 10 this summer :-) I moved to WordPress & my speedofcreativity domain in 2005

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@CecileMcVittie @coolcatteacher you are most welcome, thanks for your kind words :-)

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Brow.si @getbrowsi = very helpful website plugin for multiple platforms to mobilize content & sharing j.mp/JnJF3B

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iReading: Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished j.mp/1fE6Hyn by @washingtonpost via @timekord

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@sr_tutor super! I love it when twitter PLN sharing leads to resource discoveries like that! Thanks for sharing that affirmation :-)

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iReading: 7 Reasons You Should Read Wendell the World’s Worst Wizard j.mp/1e7wLAG by @Philip_Cummings

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iReading: Why I Deleted Foursquare, and Why You Should, Too! j.mp/JaclgW by @TeachaKidd

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RT @plugusin: Found another cool YouTube channel for nation: Untamed Science - j.mp/1fX0SNf

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