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January 10th, 2014

iReading: What It’s Like When The FBI Asks You To Backdoor Your Software j.mp/Kbpw18 via @mguhlin @myWickr

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@mguhlin yikes. Sounds like the current security establishment’s MO. Sad & further eye opening…

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@aeringuy you are most welcome - please wish him good luck for me! :-)

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iReading: A Tiny Printer For Every Choose-your-own-adventure Lover j.mp/1aPbF7A on @FastCompany

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@sfryer gr8 4 you: 11 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Teaching Reading by @edrethink (via @Pocket) pocket.co/s2XJx

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@aeringuy you can edit on the web w any computer using @wevideo - YouTube also but w more limited options…

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aeringuy Does anyone know of free video editing software for a windows laptop?

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iReading: Why The Violent Game Debate Actually Isn’t Over j.mp/1lKsjNH by @ninjametrics via @henryjenkins

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MT @mcleod: Evidence on Education under NCLB (& How Florida Boosted NAEP Scores & Reduced the Race Gap) j.mp/1ep9FHL

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@techsavvyteach @kfasimpaur Does a “free range llama” taste like chicken?!

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@kjarrett it’s a sign you should release your inner entrepreneur spirit :-)

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@budtheteacher taco night always = an easy victory for everyone :-)

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MT @verenanz: Very excited about the -Ed project Here’s the wiki with the OCC info as well gamifi-ed.wikispaces.com cc @edgamer

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Friday night out with my ladies! instagram.com/p/jAhTaJugFK/

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@cogdog yes I agree, in a remix that negative the lack of attribution may be a blessing tho… cc @shareski

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glovely SO EXCITED! @wfryer & I are holding an iPad Media Camp in Friendswood TX @ClineElementary in June! Elementary Grade level only! Info soon!

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@jenwagner yes you should come! I’ll get registration up this weekend :-) @iPadMediaCamp @glovely

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feralartist @wfryer 14 days left to get Glazes for Mrs. Campbell. Please help her art students. RT? donorschoose.org/project/glorio… … vi@DonorsChoosese

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@cogdog yep, it’s a pic I took in 2008. Down side of openly sharing I guess, but on balance certainly still worth it… cc @shareski

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gr8 news: Sarah got her 1st “main stage” role in “Animal Farm” at @OKCPS - she is so excited! Woo hoo Sarah!

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iesSTEM Read more about our classes at @IESYukon & our “Apple Distinguished Program” award! goo.gl/1y4h9w

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iamdevloper If Will Smith can avoid swearing in the whole of his music career, you can refrain with 140 characters.


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MT @ahicktiger: @nancyduarte has put her new book online interactively, I’m loving this 4my classroom as I teach PPT j.mp/1gYyQ4q

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@HollandHallHOS Please consider attending @EdCampOKC on Sat Feb 15th in @OKCPS with your Ts - would be gr8 to have you all join!

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@HollandHallHOS It’s awesome to see you sharing on Twitter, we need more administrators following your lead! :-)

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@ahicktiger super - thanks for the heads up, I’ll check it out!

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iReading: Standard education needs new standards j.mp/1elEXzo by @IESYukon teacher K Thomson in @reddirtreportOK

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iReading: 11 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Teaching Reading j.mp/1kttSBq by @edrethink

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iReading: He lives in a tree, doesn’t wear shoes, and brushes his teeth with a pinecone j.mp/1adKDa1 by @MotherNatureNet

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iReading: 2014 could be a big year for next-gen batteries j.mp/1aLWeNy by @gigaom

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tonyvincent Teachers, want to know when weekly Twitter chats are happening? Here’s a schedule → tonyv.me/chattimes

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iReading: 15 More Apps To Create Books On The iPad j.mp/1bXyEx5 by @TeachThought via @AndreaBeecham

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iReading: 10 Innovative Ways to Bring STEM to Schools j.mp/JLUzB7 by @MindShiftKQED via @smussle

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