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January 14th, 2014

@dwarlick @ELanghorst @bobsprankle @tonyvincent yep - @teach42 is like a pod-Adam for sure… or pod-Noah :-)

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iReading: Everything You Need to Know About Jelly by @mashable (new social network to crowdsource answers/help)

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RT @edrethink: Hilarious spoof on Twitter. Muppets Most Wanted - Outrage: via @YouTube

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RT @cybraryman1: Blogging gives even the quietest person a global voice.

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iReading: The Policy Implications of Market-Driven Research, Part V by @drjohnthompson

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Tonight’s @EdCampOKC organizer Google Hangout meeting at 7:30pm CST will be led / started by @JonnyCurriculum :-) Apologies I can’t attend!

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@technolibrary thanks for chiming in… I hadn’t heard of the project either cc @nvteklib

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shyj So excited to have @wfryer as a keynote at the conference Registration is open!

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@shyj me too! rocks & I can’t wait to learn together at your conference in Feb! :-)

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@HollyEdTechDiva yep. He summarizes our current plight well. Good news is we can change course! We need a alt vision 4

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@ELanghorst yes indeed, listening to you, @dwarlick & @bobsprankle ushered in a transformative season of learning for me too!

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@DustinJohnson21 my favorite narrated slideshow app for both iOS and android is @explainevrythng see for more ideas

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@DustinJohnson21 yes @educreations is gr8, free hosting provided & cross-platform, build on iOS or in a computer browser

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iReading: It’s silly to pretend Common Core is not a curriculum by @mikeklonsky

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iReading: INTERVIEW: Eric Sheninger’s new Book “Digital Leadership” [ECM #42 ] by @coolcatteacher

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WhatWouldArneDo @arneduncan If was so important to us, why didn’t we consult them about Common Core? Do they know we’re failing 70% of them?

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Does anyone use or know about this “OCI Yearbook Scanning Project?” @nvteklib wants to know if it’s legit…

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@versal = collaborative platform for creating interactive online courses via @THE_Journal

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@Kenya75 no but I will RT your question, I’m betting we can find some answers! :-)

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iReading: 6 States To Share $280 Million in Latest Race to the Top Awards by @THE_Journal

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@whitneykilgore yes, there are a bunch of issues there…

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@whitneykilgore she is a voracious reader and doesn’t need AR as a carrot

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@whitneykilgore AR works for some students, it’s misused for others. I’m glad it’s not huge emphasis item in Rachel’s class

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@whitneykilgore yes, her teacher lets students take tests on anything they’ve seen the movie for and not read…

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iReading: Free Ebook - Digital Storytelling With Comics by @rmbyrne via @StoryboardThat

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mguhlin San Antonio Writing Conference

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@GrahamBM @jjash iOS definitely still has a big edge over Android for creation apps. It’s true iPad1 has more limited creation options

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iReading: Is the Universe Made of Math? by @sciam via @kmkidwell

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