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January 28th, 2014

1 of the best parts of tonight’s was seeing members of Congress in the same room, listening together. They should try doing that more.

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ArtsWriter 10 deployments in 12 years for Army Sgt Remberg should be more disturbing than the extent of his injuries.

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boonepickens My thoughts on the President’s comments about in transportation. bit.ly/1fav9YQ

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HuffPostEdu Here’s what Obama said about education during tonight’s huff.to/1eeZYMw

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@BankruptingAm I’ve heard the slowdown in health costs also had a lot to do with expiring pharma patents

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More disappointing & empty rhetoric on education policy tonight. Worship of high stakes testing continues in the USA (sadly)

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prisonculture I hate to break this to people. Guantanamo is still open because the vast majority of this country doesn’t care or wants it open.

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@JimTiffinJr yes, I’d love to hear more about what you’ve learned about student blogging :-)

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@jahillteach we would love to have you come to @EdCampOKC :-) please register on Eventbrite ow.ly/2aMLJi

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MT @ebrownorama @EHS_Cochran I’m looking for resources on how edu technology can save money

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ebook2read: Captive Audience: Telecom Industry & Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age by Susan P. Crawford amazon.com/dp/B00AMYGFXK/…

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@ipadSammy yes definitely - please contact @TParks - she’s heading up @EdCampOKC sponsorships! :-)

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@ipadSammy just saw you’re registered for @EdCampOKC on Feb 15th - woo hoo! :-)

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EdCampOKC Reminder of tonight’s organizer meeting at 7:30pm, please tweet @wfryer if you’d like to join & aren’t currently sharing our organizer Gdoc

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iReading: TouchDevelop Helps Students Understand Programming j.mp/1fun9kj by @rmbyrne

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iReading: Inside Early College STEM Schools [ECM #12] j.mp/1aFQgnm [AUDIO] by @coolcatteacher

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iesSTEM Check out some of the new posts our 4th graders shared this week! stem.wesfryer.com/home/blogs/4th…

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iesSTEM Brandon,Patrick,& Matthew displayed some animal planet inspired creativity in the xylophone center last week kidblog.org/2014McCarthey/…

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@SamPatue I have a screencast I’d like to liven up with a digital puppet overlay. Is there an iPad app for that? Import video as background?

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iesSTEM Great radio show using @audioboo by Ben & Magellan (4th grade, Province) talking about sound waves! kidblog.org/2014Province/8…

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I added a “nominate or flag” Google Form to our @iesSTEM class website today j.mp/1fu2gpv (asking students to help filter posts)

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anniemurphypaul This is so cool: a calculator that doesn’t give you the right answer until you give it a good-enough estimate: anniemurphypaul.com/2014/01/making…

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@MsLaidler thanks so much, I added the links to our @iesSTEM “blogs to comment on” page stem.wesfryer.com/home/blogs/oth…

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@kovacsteach We’re getting started with a new group of 4th & 5th graders blogging! stem.wesfryer.com/home/blogs @JimTiffinJr @skibtech @MsLaidler

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@dmantz7 @BigPurpleHat that date/time can work for me too :-)

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@MsLaidler ok super! I’ll add those as blogs to comment on. @sfryer is about to go 1:1 w iPads in her class & wants her kids commenting too

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@zgilbert next time I visit with Johnny Ive I’ll pass along the story of your troubles…

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1st day for some of my 4th graders to right click & copy/paste links in a web browser

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