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February 3rd, 2014

MT @LacieLowry: The yearly savings from eliminated @OKCPS positions will total > $640,000 in salaries & approx $140,000 in benefits

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MT @LacieLowry: Oklahoma City Public Schools cuts 5 executive positions, accepting 4 resignations & eliminating a 5th vacant spot

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new post: American Revolution Videos from Schoolhouse Rock and Discovery United Streaming

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Oops - that last hashtag should have been :-)

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by @NatGeo: “When Wedeen first unveiled the grid structure of the brain, in 2012, some (cont)

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@keledy Thanks - I shall! What a gr8 idea :-)

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iReading: Math & Inquiry: The Importance of Letting Students Stumble by @Kschwart via @play2cre8 @TimSears1

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MT @keledy: Hey folks: I’m starting a Papert book club
We’re discussing the Children’s Machine next Monday

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RT @labcbaker: Had fun rehearsing for ISTE Virtual Conference today. Coming up Feb. 13

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FoundationOKCPS Our livestream of the @OKCPS board meeting is up.…

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FoundationOKCPS A full house at the @OKCPS Board of Ed meeting tonight.

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iReading: Elements4D - Exploring Chemistry w Augmented Reality by @rmbyrne (perfect 4 upcoming chemistry unit!)

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iReading: An Interactive Story About the Dust Bowl by @rmbyrne

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very helpful article from the Twitter Help Center: Keeping your account secure

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new post: Hacker Cases Highlight Need for Greater Personal Account and Information Security h/t @N_IS_STOLEN @jb @mat

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lessig put together a “Superbowl Ad,” about our 185-mile journey to fight systemic corruption. Plz share.

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