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February 16th, 2014

iReading: How to manage multiple iOS devices within a single household j.mp/1f90egp by @ggeoffre @gigaom

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iReading: Springer now publishing Open Access books j.mp/MqQfIA

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MT @TParks Plz take a moment2 complete this survey “How (s) & social media are used as PD” docs.google.com/forms/d/1wgCm6…

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@Tech4T3achers thanks, we will definitely consider it. You’re not too far away from us! cc @sfryer

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dankrutka @April2383 Agreed. I agree with @wfryer that edcamps & PLNs aren’t just PD. They’re a movement. Hopefully, a paradigm shift in ed.

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@dankrutka @TParks here’s the video link from 2010: The Case for Balanced Internet Filtering in Schools ow.ly/3hmxXX

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@dankrutka @TParks and Ideas for the Balanced Filtering Online Gradebook ow.ly/3hmxB7

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@TParks I wish I could’ve participated in tonight’s discussion, unfortunately travel & rural connectivity challenges prevented it

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@TParks A4 distaste 4 our A-F report card has made me rethink that idea, but since it’s more narrowly defined it may still be valid

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“We have corporate welfare in the US largely because we have privately funded elections” by @lessig in “Republic Lost” ($90 billion in 2009)

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@vqsteve is your comment in reference to the PISA test & scores? cc @bridgestyler

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iReading: What we [in the U.S.] keep ignoring about Finland’s success j.mp/1bCRznv by @TheAtlantic via @bridgestyler

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iReading: Will @JanetBarresi Be Able to Buy Another Four Years ? j.mp/1mmzWN4 by @jmsprincipal

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iReading: Top-Flight District Communications Begins With a Superintendent j.mp/N0VIpJ via @shawnhime

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Our 2014 Organizer Team! [PIC] by @TParks flic.kr/p/ka8KLn

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HaselwoodMath . Maybe as early as 03.29. RT if interested. @lmuller90 any weekend but that one PLEASE :) !!

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MrsBeck25 After discussions at , lets work hard at making a positive hashtag to follow! Showcase amazing Ts and Ss !!

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TParks Here’s my photo set! Fantastic day w/ ’s most passionate Ts & Edu stakeholders! m.flickr.com/#/photos/81666…

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new post: Why Our Family Ditched @ATT & Joined @TMobile: Huge Monthly Savings j.mp/1gJyBdM cc @JohnLegere @thebillydry

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iReading: Using Addictive Games to Build Better Brains j.mp/1mlN2dx by @nickbilton @nytimes cc @edgamer

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iReading: Google Acquires SlickLogin to Work on Password Security j.mp/1gIhfOg by @mashable

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iReading: Apple Launching Updated iPad Air in 2014, No 12.9-Inch iPad or New iPad Mini Until 2015 j.mp/1cMuZDt by @MacRumors

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iReading: The Core Challenge of Leadership j.mp/1eEM3ey by @CurtRees (wise & succinct way to frame leadership goals)

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EdCampAwesome Stay tuned throughout the week for sponsor teasers! 6 more days until !

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@mmiller7571 it was fun visiting w you briefly yesterday via Google Hangout from w @rlb518

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@TParks what Google Chrome extension did you have installed on your MacBook at which made YouTube videos fullscreen by default?

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@mraspinall I hope you do too! The EdCamp model is fantastic & highly replicable. Spirit of sharing & collaboration is key

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April2383@_birdwell: @April2383 @Madison_Harry here is my keyboard that I made. pic.twitter.com/CrlFsesQWX” look @wfryer

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