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March 2nd, 2014

new page for “Digital Portfolios” added to Mapping Media to the Common Core site j.mp/1hEwUP2 h/t @HollyClarkEdu

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@kiboser yes - he should have said her name right, it’s not like he had a long script to follow :-( @idinamenzel

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OK, @idinamenzel just stole the entire show - what a gr8 performance! instagram.com/p/lEQ4lYugA-/

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TheEllenShow If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. pic.twitter.com/C9U5NOtGap

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@PrinPamHunter Pufflin works! Hopefully @khanacademy will get it fixed for Safari too… @sfryer

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@PrinPamHunter thanks - we’ll give that a try! cc @sfryer

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Anyone else having problems w students taking @khanacademy pretests on iPads in Safari? Is there a common glitch w this? cc @sfryer

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@ninapeery I just sent you an invite code via DM :-)

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new post: First @STEMseeds Show: Monday March 3, 2014 j.mp/1kJT5Ea (join at 10 am central time!)

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@play2cre8 yuk, what a terrible way to start the day. I’m so sorry that happened to you? Do you know how it happened?!

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STEMseeds new post: First STEM seeds Show: Monday March 3, 2014 stemseeds.org/2014/03/first-… (Join us via Google Hangout 11 am EST / 10 CST / 9 MST / 8 PST

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iReading: The Justin Biebers of Minecraft Are Rewriting the Marketing Playbook j.mp/1hyxzlI by @sethporges @mashable

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OKCPS Oklahoma City Public Schools has cancelled all classes and activities for Monday March 3rd due to inclement weather.

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@DK_11 well, I guess that’s why we call Canada “The Great White North” :-) In Oklahoma (like this storm) we often get lots of ice first…

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@seomraranga I definitely favor open publishing for commenting / interactive writing, but I want to explore @3ringdotorg to learn more…

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@kovacsteach @MsMagiera I am glad the post was received by you all in the spirit it was intended. Your team rocks!

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@seomraranga I’m about to start using @3ringdotorg for a graduate class I’m teaching this spring

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@seomraranga we’re using @KidblogDotOrg for digital portfolios at @IESYukon in @iesSTEM class too

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Anyone know a ballpark price for what a schools are paying for an eBook subscription with @myONreader ?

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[VIDEO] Sleet falling in our windowsill instagram.com/p/lDYKcZugDo/

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iReading: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Digital Portfolios j.mp/1dcjaKo by @HollyClarkEdu

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@HollyClarkEdu @MsMagiera @rmbyrne what other digital portfolio platform options should I include on this list? goo.gl/2uYwQj

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@seomraranga what’s your preferred platform now for student digital portfolios?

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iReading: Creating a Culture of Thinking: Project Zero Reflections j.mp/1gL3xIR by @jillianhinesley

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iReading: The future of headphones is now - or just ahead - with Mo-Fi j.mp/1eQVE22 by @TechnologyTell

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sfryer I made a comic on my iPad. Fun on a snowy day. kidblog.org/sfryer1314/d37…

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@tedrosececi wow, that’s a gr8 idea using @cellyme as a backchannel - have you written a post about it yet? :-)

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@wmchamberlain not sure - I haven’t bought it yet, but I think I will & I’ll let you know! @KidblogDotOrg is WordPress-based so it should…

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Heavier sleet has starting falling now at our house in - I’m thinking a is looking good for tomorrow :-)

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interactive writing app for primary Ss: “Easy Blog Jr.” (works w WordPress & Blogger) j.mp/1ohijdh via @Phillip_Cowell ($4.50)

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@dogtrax What’s your fav iPad app for students to use when creating comics? @sfryer wants to know :-) goo.gl/s6Hsj6

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@craigyen @rmbyrne I used Chatzy quite a bit in teacher PD a few years ago, but not recently. I’ve been using @TodaysMeet w/ students now

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@hollymarich glad you like the @STEMseeds name & thanks 4 sharing the resource page! I’m eager to get our shows going too! cc @bobsprankle

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MattVillasana “No child ever posted haiku online and got kidnapped because of it.”-fav quote via @wfryer. Find a route for dig publishing!

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@Phillip_Cowell no I hadn’t seen it - looks GREAT! Thanks so much for the tip, I’ll check it out for sure :-)

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@MichaelEbeling @dan_roam @SunniBrown No, I haven’t seen “robust use of vivid thinking & doodle rev” in schools - but some dabbling? Yes!

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STEMseeds 1st post: Welcome to STEM seeds! goo.gl/OlBM9q

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