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March 5th, 2014

iReading: The Lego Movie is native advertising on the grandest scale ever attempted j.mp/1lzUPD6 via @SethCLewis

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new post: 2 Challenges - With STEM & iPads j.mp/1fIqMHb

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iReading: Getty Images has single-handedly redefined the entire photography market… j.mp/1kzJDpY via @jbenton

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a @iesSTEM @IESYukon 5th grader told me @SethBling is a gr8 YouTuber j.mp/1l31nqQ (& my son says he’s family friendly)

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iReading: 1:1 scale model of Manhattan in Minecraft j.mp/1caPwak by @doctorow via @DrewFromTV @baddmom

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@MrsBeck25 oops looks like that link broke, please try goo.gl/Eam86x instead :-)

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iReading: The world’s largest photo service just made its pictures free to use j.mp/1l2WrSM by @verge via @dcurzon

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@MrsBeck25 here is my “Why EdCamp” video clip - thanks! dropbox.com/s/ti3ymvq7buyj… Mar 05, 6 15 17 PM.mov

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@MrsBeck25 my wife @sfryer learned about @myONreader in @LewisvilleISD in Jan & LOVES it!!! Wants it for her @ptokc iPad wielding kids :-)

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@ChristinaMLuce I’m afraid the answer is “not possible” but I thought I’d check…

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@dcurzon I think that looks fantastic. There are a lot of sites w ads that students use already, I dint think Getty will tip the scales…

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EdCampTulsa Our new website is up: edcamptulsa.org. Big thanks to @wfryer!

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MT @AviBossewitch: Does anyone have common core ELA proficiency scales Gr 1-5?

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MT @kushlakd: @joedale I need an app for ipad that will record me using a bluetooth mic. Does that exist?

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@kushlakd i’m not sure because I haven’t tried, but I bet @joedale knows!

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@ahicktiger so what is it? Does it let you watch over the air TV on your laptop?

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EdTechTeacher21 Where can you see @willrich45 @MsMagiera @rmbyrne @wfryer & @smartinez? ! Early Bird Registration OPEN ettsummit.org/register

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to tweak or hack a Polycom videoconferencing unit so it can be used with a laptop in a Google hangout?

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Color Changing Milk experiment goo.gl/9mYNMg h/t stevespangler @iesSTEM @IESYukon instagram.com/p/lLcEh9ugH8/

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STEMseeds new lesson idea: Building Bridge Structures Lesson mbcurl.me/GRCG by @AmyLoeffelholz

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Cleaning Pennies w Salsa (vinegar & salt chemistry!) #@iesSTEM @IESYukon instagram.com/p/lLbNIEOgGi/

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AlexLBeck “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

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iesSTEM Nice post by Hunter (Hammack 5th) explaining what he learned: Differences in diet & regular drinks mbcurl.me/GR2N

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This is what a student interactive writing “backlog” looks like… @iesSTEM @IESYukon instagram.com/p/lLAgWzugNS/

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EdShadid Polls closed. Dina, kids and I in celebration of an incredible journey. pic.twitter.com/bIFZY4glnB

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@smelvin @fuglefun look for the iTunes icon on your @audioboo channel, click it to download your files like a podcast

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@smelvin @fuglefun You can download @audioboo files as MP3 and then convert to wave if you need to for some reason

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iReading: Apple’s new management features help locked-down iPads stay locked down j.mp/1eUEGoe by @arstechnica

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