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March 7th, 2014

iesSTEM Just spent 3 hours approving over 400 new student blog posts from February & this week! mbcurl.me/GVFK

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iReading: The 30 second habit with a lifelong impact j.mp/1oyZNxa by @RobynScott via @rohdesign

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JoAnnJacobs68 Picking right answers from a set of prescribed alternatives that trivialize complexity and ambiguity dangerouslyirrelevant.org/2014/03/pickin… via @mcleod

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@jamiefath oh I wish I could, but I’m afraid I have a date with my word processor tomorrow :-)

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Just saw a three-legged dog going for a walk with its owner

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@sfryer recommends: Toxic Charity: How the Church Hurts Those They Help & How to Reverse It by Robert D. Lupton j.mp/1lddDoZ

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iesSTEM new photos added to our Kitchen Chemistry photo set! flickr.com/photos/wfryer/…

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iesSTEM Narrated slideshow by 4th graders youtube.com/watch?v=VLOLHh… explaining Soup Souffle experiment w@explainevrythng mbcurl.me/GV50

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@rrodgers yes - & I remember when it was hard to put videos online, & even when you did most people didn’t have the right plugin to see it!

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@dogtrax thanks! That price is right :-) I’ll check it out

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@PlaydateSJ Can you recommend a post I can read to learn about your organizer lessons learned? :-)

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@dogtrax @rrodgers @tonyvincent @jjash Our @IESYukon art teacher wants to start an iPad stopmotion project - what app do you recommend?

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txeduchat Grow your PLN follow participants and hosts: @2GuysShow @bkuhl2you @kylepace @jaherbel @valibrarian @wfryer @RafranzDavis

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Just learned is Sat in 5 simultaneous locations! j.mp/1lbYp3j @jamiefath @casas_jimmy @mcleod @jschnabel cc

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@DefinedSTEM is a commercial/subscription-based lesson & video resource worth checking out j.mp/1k01S5h via @LPralleKeehn

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@LPralleKeehn Here’s TWINE (open source choose your own adventure stories) twinery.org via @courosa

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@LPralleKeehn Here’s the Contribute Form stemseeds.org/contribute/ for @STEMseeds - would love to have you share on the “Thrust Wars” lesson!

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Interesting subscription-based video site/service j.mp/1f6MTG2 by @ByrdseedGifted (makes me think about vs @TpTdotcom models)

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The “Innovate2Educate” event scheduled for today & tomorrow in Chickasha, OK has been officially postponed via @scottcharlson

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EdCampTulsa Want to spread the word about ? Share our flyer: edcamptulsa.org/2014/03/06/edc…

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@JonFines Please post on the inspired visit of your Lt Governor to your classroom, I’d like to share & amplify that. gr8 work!

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iReading: A Comparison of 11 Mobile Video Creation Apps j.mp/1hRKFe7 by @rmbyrne

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SMicheleHolmes @wfryer @KLirenman @kathycassidy BTW, here’s a website I built on Digital Portfolios for a class - classes.lt.unt.edu/Fall_2013/CECS…

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iReading: Spontaneity School: 10 Improv Games to Develop Courage, Compassion and Creativity j.mp/1nlgqO3 via @rebeccastockley

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