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March 12th, 2014

I’m considering developing a course with @udemy on Mapping Media to the Curriculum with iPads

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new post: Great reason NOT to use iBuildApp

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@Joe_Mazza @bcurrie5 I’m going to propose the idea to our @IESYukon leadership team!

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TheBradCurrie A5: Recently had a parent ask if we could archive daily announcements. The next day we created a Google Doc that continually updates

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@bcurrie5 @Joe_Mazza What a simple & gr8 idea! We could start this at our school @IESYukon tomorrow!

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Joe_Mazza Another inspiring educator who engages parents with blogs - Kindergarten teacher @mattBgomez

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MikeNitzel Too many “S led confs” are just Ss giving voice to what the Ts told them to say. They’re scripted and not particularly useful.

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pgeorge Amazing events happening all week Mar. 10-15 for Open Ed Week! Check them out!

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HollyClarkEdu Where can you see @willrich45 @MsMagiera @rmbyrne @wfryer & @smartinez? ! Early Bird Registration OPEN

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Wednesday night potluck goodness (Church of the Resurrection, Oklahoma City)

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please welcome & follow fellow teacher & @GSWESTOK leader @ChrisWSimon to Twitter!

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video recc from 1 of a5th grader: Redstone Wars vs GenerikB: “Rube Goldberg Device” Part 1 by @SethBling

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$100 Up Front, Externalities? Huge… :-(

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“Both privacy and publicity are blurred… Being able to achieve privacy is an expression of agency” by @zephoria in “It’s Complicated”

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book2read: Discipline & Punish: The Birth of the Prison by Michel Foucault via @zephoria

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Teens sometimes limit access 2 meaning instead of access to content to provide some social media privacy via @zephoria in “It’s Complicated”

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iReading: Snagit for Chrome Now Supports Screencasting on Chromebooks by @rmbyrne cc @jakeheister

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iReading: Code Maven and Game Maven Teach Kids to Program Their Own Games by @rmbyrne

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new post: Managing Digital Footprints - for grandparents (March 2014)

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iReading: My Favorite Tweets from Day 2 of by @kentbrooks

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iReading: Title IX And Teen Parents by @edjurist cc @sfryer on

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iReading: @MyBigCampus – Changes for the New

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gr8 workshop opportunity for science Ts from @vperezy

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