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March 14th, 2014

Just saw “Ragtime” at @poteettheatre in - what an incredible & powerful show!

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FelixJacomino I’ll be joining @bcrosby & @wfryer for @STEMseeds on Tu 3/18 12pm EDT for an interview & chat on all things .ā€¦

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Scientists think the ancient Bering land bridge was twice the size of Texas! by @bbcworldservice

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@ChrisWSimon thanks so much for sharing that article about JK Rowling & HP, I just shared it with my daughter who is now very excited too!

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new post & video: STEM Curiosity Links: Episode 1 (A @TouchCastApp Video) @iesSTEM @IESYukon

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ChrisWSimon Favorite Einstein Quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Think up new chapters for the book,don’t just regurgitate the old.

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@DeliaBush I love how your video is so inclusive - everyone could participate! Great different scenes… Really fun! What inspired you all?

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Sonic Drink Day in the @IESYukon Teacher Lounge

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CasadySTEM Use @NASA ‘s “Spot the Station” website to figure out when the Int’l Space Station is visible from your house!

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@DeliaBush that is super awesome! You inspired me - we may copy your video model after Spring Break w our Makers Club! @VideoAmy @lhighfill

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Register FREE: Transport Your Students to a Working Egg Farm (April 10, 1:00 PM ET) via @DiscoveryEd

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iReading: Five-Minute Film Festival: Learning and the Brain by @edutopia via @VideoAmy cc @sfryer

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In or close to Houston? Register for @iPadMediaCamp June 16-18 led by @glovely & I!

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iReading: NSA’s TURBINE robot can pump ‘malware into MILLIONS of PCs’ by @TheRegister

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Immediate homework for you: Start your day by watching “Alpine Elementary: Happy Video!” via @VideoAmy @lhighfill

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tomwhitby US DOE is now in the works. Get on board.ā€¦

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iReading: CIA hacked Senate PCs to delete torture reports. And Senator Feinstein is outraged by @TheRegister

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