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March 18th, 2014

bcrosby My interview “Hangout” with @wfryer today about STEM on Wes’s STEM seeds: learningismessy.com/blog/?p=1632

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“A neuron is like a galaxy. We think there are around a billion proteins inside a single neuron” by Henry Markram on j.mp/1j1nWzd

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@amyburvall thanks for the invite :-)

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@bpuerling @mpowers3 @Braddo @rresidori @skibtech @TechMinock Anyone tried using TEDed website to create video ?’s ed.ted.com

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good audio podcast from @bbcworldservice “Fixing Nitrogen” j.mp/1p9eBTv

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STEMseeds our 2nd show is available as an audio podcast & video w shownotes from @bcrosby: Lesson Ideas with Brian Crosby goo.gl/WT1zlM

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Today we said goodbye to Jake, a longtime & loyal friend & companion :’( instagram.com/p/lsk3UjugPn/

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@bcrosby super - thanks! I almost have the show post ready & will add the links :-)

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@ktschutt yes, please do. My Flickr images are licensed under a @creativecommons CC-BY license :-)

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@bpuerling I have not done much with YouTube annotations yet but certainly need to…

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kbroadli STEM is a culture. STEM becomes what you do - integrated in, not an add-on. This is key! @STEMseeds @bcrosby @wfryer @pgeorge

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@bcrosby @STEMseeds sounds good - thanks so much for sharing all the gr8 ideas today!

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STEMseeds Did you miss our show today w @bcrosby discussing lesson ideas? Check out the YouTube Google Hangout archive! youtube.com/watch?v=4_467_…

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STEMseeds We’re live! please join @bcrosby & @wfryer now on Google Hangouts! plus.google.com/events/cft3525…

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STEMseeds Here are is the Google Doc “show notes” for our Google Hangout today with @bcrosby & @wfryer docs.google.com/document/d/1Yu…

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STEMseeds Please join @bcrosby & @wfryer in 15 minutes in a FREE Google Hangout discussing lesson ideas! plus.google.com/events/cft3525…

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Please join @bcrosby & I in 55 minutes (11 am CDT) for a @STEMseeds Google Hangout talking about STEM lesson ideas! j.mp/1p7N3xO

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davidkushner Flappy Bird Creator Speaks. I went to Vietnam to meet him. My story out now in @RollingStone tinyurl.com/lzfqub3 @longform

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new post: First Choose Your Own Adventure Story with Twine: The Spark j.mp/1iy8lo5

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2read: The Optimism Bias: A Tour of the Irrationally Positive Brain j.mp/1p6q5XV by Tali Sharot a @TedTalk j.mp/1p6q5XW

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important purpose of higher education is to “change students’ minds” about things j.mp/1ixX4nQ [VIDEO] by Jose Bowen

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@twinethreads your platform for writing interactive fiction rocks! I tried your browser-based version tonight goo.gl/GCwoUU

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@courosa Thanks for sharing the interactive fiction platform “Twine” a couple weeks ago, I gave it a try tonight! goo.gl/GCwoUU

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