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March 21st, 2014

NEWS9 Shake ‘Em Up: 4 Earthquakes Roar In Central Oklahoma bit.ly/1da656C

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iReading: Copyright and Plagiarism with 3rd and 4th Graders j.mp/1iMATKR by @bobsprankle

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@CoffeeNancy ah yes - wonderful! 1of my fav student audio examples to date! :-) @GeneinLetford

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@ahicktiger @naptownmvp @THErealDVORAK I’m not sure why we could reasonably assume that is “common core math” w/o more context…

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@mrdulberger not yet but I’m going to start w my Maker’s Club students after spring break @Mindstorms_EV3

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good resource: Link to the Flappy Bird Coding tutorial: j.mp/1kRa4VU via @MsKaysComputer

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WOW: @klikaklu = for creating GPS-powered iPhone-based geo-scavenger hunts! j.mp/1hR0Kyo via @Dowbiggin

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ITSStefanieSims If you’re in the DFW area, join us for the Irving PLAYDATE this Saturday, March 22nd. Details here: playdateirving.blogspot.com

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@mrbruns If true that is a sad commentary on the perceived value of “school learning” by those students… Points to big changes needed!

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I added “The Elsewhen Brainery” coding classes to the Simulation or Game page of Mapping Media j.mp/1mlLVJS h/t @mrdulberger

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@MsKaysComputer outstanding! thanks so much for that link!

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@GeneinLetford you are most welcome - did I put it on Mapping Media? What session was this mentioned in?! @CoffeeNancy

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@mrdulberger @ngusky @catherinepoling no I hadn’t - looks great! Thanks for the share!

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@Kenya75 @EdTechSandyK I’ve used the Video Grabber Chrome extension & it works well for downloading YouTube videos chrome.google.com/webstore/detai…

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@Kenya75 how’s your registration looking for tomorrow’s in Irving? I wish @sfryer & I could attend - good luck!!!

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PLAYDATEATX Happy Friday, everyone! End the week by registering for iteachmanor.org/playdate-austi…

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STEMseeds new show as an audio podcast & archived YouTube video: STEMseeds 3: Lesson Ideas with @ChrisParadise goo.gl/IX1N0o

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@drmmtatom thanks for sharing @twitcastinglive as an option for live broadcasting online today :-)

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@rrodgers glad you could join us this morning for @STEMseeds ! :-) The show & show notes are up/available now stemseeds.org/2014/03/stemse…

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play2cre8 ScratchJr: Coding for Young Kids by Mitchel Resnick kck.st/NmWfC2 via @STEMseeds @kmkidwell @mindycurless @alwaysreach1 @TimSears1

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iReading: Microsoft just exposed email’s ugliest secret j.mp/1jhW85w by @verge cc @mguhlin

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Check out audio/video recordings of today’s @STEMseeds interview w @ChrisParadise & @AmyLoeffelholz goo.gl/FXoSEn

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@ChrisParadise who is the 3rd grade teacher at Pleasant Hill Elementary you mentioned who is doing Lego Mindstorms w students?

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iReading: Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel sing incredible doo-wop duet with iPad app j.mp/1jhVNjl by @verge via @AmyLoeffelholz

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AmyLoeffelholz Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Form 2-Man Doo-Wop Group Using iPad App: youtu.be/cU-eAzNp5Hw via @YouTube

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More info about “Club Penguin Private Servers” from Wikia, very interesting… j.mp/1oFBCzb

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@clubpenguin My 10 yr old found @CPPSme today - is that a legit site? Can you share links to articles about it I can read to learn more?

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@ChrisParadise @AmyLoeffelholz Sorry for our glitchy end to today’s hangout. 1 of my kids got on NetFlix. We’ll work on that for next time!

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my 10 year old has discovered @CPPSme which is a “private Club Penguin server” j.mp/1hOiF8S Anyone else used this / know about it?

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STEMseeds We’re 30 min into an hour show about coding robotics & more - Please join our LIVE Google Hangout! plus.google.com/events/c4nnu4o…

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“It is easier 4 adults 2 blame technology for teen problems rather than look at other issues that might be involved” paraphrase of @zephoria

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Join @STEMseeds live in 40 min at of the top of the hour! MT @STEMseeds RSVP to join Google Hangout! j.mp/1diuyXK

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@bobsprankle how are you recording audio separately for your Seedlings show Google Hangouts?

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iReading: Give Yourself the Option of Doing Nothing j.mp/1dhunMq by @Inc via @DanielPink @donarcy

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Do you know about “Skype Grannies?” Read: Learning at the edge of chaos j.mp/1oCEFYS about the work of @Sugatam with @Microsoft

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@ourdavidteacher that is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing the link to your class @audioboo channel!

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iReading: How One Teacher Achieved Insane Reading Growth Last Year j.mp/1j9PqTk by @EdSurge via @ericnentrup (gr8 teaching ideas!)

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