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April 16th, 2014

fantastic video! Coding Gives You Superpowers - Join the Global Codeathon! j.mp/1r1smoe by @mjslaughter

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jenniferlagarde Free Technology for Teachers: Kerpoof is Closing - Here Are Some Alternatives freetech4teachers.com/2014/04/kerpoo…

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okeducation Guess where Florida is field testing its new standardized tests? (Not Florida) wapo.st/1p42igF

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jmsprincipal “A Ray of Hope” wp.me/p3Mfbt-JE Senate passes HB2625. needs to tell Gov. Fallin to sign! @TulsaAreaPLAC @OKCentralPLAC

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new post: Tender and Sweet First Grade Blog Comments j.mp/1ircUB0 cc @KidblogDotOrg @ptokc @sfryer

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VisionsByVicky Kerpoof is closing today so here’s my Live Binder of possible Kerpoof alternative web tools livebinders.com/play/play?id=1…

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MrSchuReads Kerpoof closed its door during my lesson. My first graders and I have an interesting memory. pic.twitter.com/iFLTcJhnLh

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digitalmaverick So Kerpoof another example of *brilliant* resource shut down after being bought by a big company (Disney)

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Who knows the backstory of why @Disney shut down @Kerpoof ? j.mp/1j3r60Q so sad! :-(

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gr8 job @sfryer learning to use Doceri for iPad @teamdoceri to create a narrated art video! goo.gl/JdrwCn

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sfryer Gr8 take-away from @GoNoodle Twitter Chat: How Excercise Can Help Us Learn by @nytimes well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/08/07/how…

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School read-aloud books for sfryer at ptokc instagram.com/p/m3y550OgHB/

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heza If u went to hospital that looked same as 50 yrs ago, what would u do? Why do we accept that schools are doing same as 50+ yrs ago?

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iReading: Edward Snowden and The Security-Industrial Complex j.mp/1kAptuq by @VanityFair via @nprfreshair

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jayatwood Tweeps — follow for the next couple of days. Some of the best minds are melding in Yokohama

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@shirky17 No, she’s not really a big pop fan :-)

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sfryer My kids love the Sports. I LOVE the connection with Olympic Athletes.

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sfryer A4: I’m at a sm private school for homeless children @ptokc we don’t have state testing, but we deal with mega stress daily.

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sfryer We started Flow right away. We have made it a part of our resiliency training on a daily basis. Some times we need it 2/day

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@shelleybOKC thanks - ours is a “show dog reject” her hair is too short. We think that’s gr8 for a golden retriever! :-)

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Willow notices Toni the Teddy Bear hamster instagram.com/p/m3nYLrOgFK/

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Rachel’s first hamster: Toni [VIDEO] instagram.com/p/m3nPKlOgE-/

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gr8 audio podcast discussion of lunar eclipse & planetary exploration j.mp/1r0XK6k on @scifri w @TheScienceGuy

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@RafranzDavis thanks for sharing your endorsement - I’m eager to give it a try :-)

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@joedale Thanks! It’s an aptly named podcasting setup :-)

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iReading: Corel Launches Pinnacle Studio For iPhone Video Editing App j.mp/1j2kT5k by @bryanmwolfe

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@jakeheister wow, that is the most strident post I’ve read in awhile. I certainly agree we should be thoughtful & deliberate when we share

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If you use @Flipboard (best news app for iPad & iPhone) you should subscribe to my “iReading” magazine j.mp/1gBCM99 (FREE)

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@Tackk Looks gr8 I’ll give it a try - nice demo video :-)

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iReading: NH considers a call for an Article V convention j.mp/1gB4Cm2 by @lessig

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@stangea Yep - “headlines are the hook” :-)

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@jasonlknoll according to the research it applies to quite a few people…

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“whether someone shares a link… has virtually no relationship to whether they have actually read it or not” j.mp/1nqBnXH

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iReading: Mark Zuckerberg on the shift to mobile and the Great Unbundling of Facebook j.mp/1ipMuzz by @mathewi @gigaom

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“Newsrooms are mission-driven businesses that have more complex standards of success than just profit. That (cont) tl.gd/n_1s1dtce

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iReading: Google Heavily Outspends Tech Rivals On Lobbying j.mp/1mdlWSB by @macnews

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AndersFoghR My statement on further measures to strengthen collective defence in wake of crisis: bit.ly/1jKcyVD

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@LeseskyGISA that sounds like a gr8 project idea! Are the videos posted somewhere, I’d love to check them out

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iPadMediaCamp iPad Media Camp is coming to Roanoke, Alabama, Aug 4-6! Registration is open! ipadmediacamp.com/register/

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iReading: OKC sixth-grader, dad create app they hope will help mobilize responders j.mp/1m7yugP by @NewsOK

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iReading: CGP Grey Explains the Relationship Between China, Hong Kong, and Macau [VIDEO] j.mp/1l7uWrb by @rmbyrne

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book2read: Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence by
Luke Jackson
j.mp/1ipiJil via @zephoria

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iReading: Lunar Eclipses for Beginners by @FEspenak j.mp/1iZCRVS (@NASA Scientist Emeritus)

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Super cool & free! The Virtual Telescope Project @VirtualTelescop (online robotic control of telescopes) j.mp/1hIyEIK

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gr8 infographic on lunar eclipses (see 17 of 42) Blood Moon Photos: Total Lunar Eclipse Pictures from April 15 j.mp/QoV6vQ

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