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April 17th, 2014

AmyLoeffelholz MultiBrief: 3-D printing and its impact on the medical implant industry exclusive.multibriefs.com/content/3-d-pr…

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If you’re an elementary teacher you NEED to check out @henryingwersen ‘s ideas from our @STEMseeds show today youtube.com/watch?v=KkRPgv…

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@coordinatortwo great to have you tune in from LA to @STEMseeds today, Jose! Do you have a classroom full of iPads yet?! :-)

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@drmmtatom thanks for tuning into our 4th @STEMseeds show today! Please let me know if you have suggestions for future guests :-)

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@bobsprankle thanks for connecting @AmyLoeffelholz & I to @henryingwersen for @STEMseeds today! We had a gr8 chat! goo.gl/Lktcqg

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@bcdtech @pgeorge @VisionsByVicky Thanks so much for sharing gr8 links today in our @STEMseeds show! stemseeds.org/2014/04/stemse…

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STEMseeds Recorded video & audio of our 4th show today w @henryingwersen are online! goo.gl/Lktcqg (lots of gr8 links!)

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iReading: Drumming w Mr Berger j.mp/1laIvua by @sfryer (learning about creating music with a digital drum machine) @ptokc

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mbrookes How to start a movement ted.com/talks/derek_si… day 1 wrap-up

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TheiPadSummit Save the date! The iPad Summit 2014 theipadsummit.com Nov. 21-23, 2014

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Gary_Coyle Is teaching coding like teaching music? We believe kids need to learn music but don’t expect all students to be musicians.

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@tsmadigan Did anyone do an audio interview podcast with you about how that was life-changing? I’d love to hear more

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@tsmadigan I live in Oklahoma City and barely know anything about that chapter of history, so I’m very keen to read your book

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STEMseeds We’re LIVE with our 4th Google Hangout! Please join us now to talk about STEM lesson ideas! plus.google.com/events/cfik2pp…

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20 minutes till LIVE Google Hangout: @STEMseeds Lesson Ideas with Henry Ingwersen! Please join us!

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iReading: A Video Game Meant To Take Us Back To The Physical World j.mp/1eEuCBy by @NPR cc @edgamer

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2read: Reconstructing the Dreamland: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, Race Reparations, & Reconciliation j.mp/1qPWK6M by Alfred Brophy

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eBook2read: The Burning: Massacre, Destruction, and the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 j.mp/1kESc1e by @tsmadigan (2013)

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eBook2read: Death in a Promised Land: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 j.mp/1l8V7C8 by Scott Ellsworth (1992)

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@TParks sorry, I meant OTA…. I had ODLA on my mind :-)

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Remember session proposals for the Oct 7-8, 2014 OTA Encyclo-Media Conference are due May 15th! j.mp/1mhsXlu

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@TParks If you can mention the upcoming May 10 event in the ODLA meeting that would be gr8! playdate.edcampokc.org

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@tsmadigan the website you have linked in your Twitter profile is missing content - not sure what happened…

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iReading: How the Internet is Changing Your Brain j.mp/1gDQs3r by @academicearth via @MrsDi @techsavvygirl

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@sfryer likely not something to show your Ss, but definitely an interesting side of African culture to see & consider j.mp/Qh9vu0

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iReading: Shanghai Bans Taxi Apps During the Busiest Times of Day j.mp/1itnBCW by @mashable via @NPR

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iReading: No Laptops, No Wi-Fi: How One Cafe Fired Up Sales j.mp/1qPoLvo by @NPR (in Burlington, VT) cc @techsavvygirl

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STEMConnector James Dyson is applying innovative vacuum tech to a boat that sucks up plastic pollution in rivers! bit.ly/1m9OVcE via @FastCoExist

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verizongiving Make sure to share these 15 science games and an interactive periodic table with your ! vz.to/R189EE

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I added @NSTMF to my Twitter list j.mp/1qPgB65 (gr8 folks to follow!)

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inspirational video: Lucy Shapiro - 2011 National Medal of Science j.mp/1qPgojh by @NSTMF (amazing simulations!)

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ChrisWSimon Here is an Opportunity for girls to listen and comment on STEM w/ Hillary & Chelsea Clinton in a No Ceilings Convo. clintonfoundation.org/press-releases…

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Fantastic YouTube collection of inspirational innovator videos by @NSTMF j.mp/1h78GJV (gr8 for Ss research projects!)

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gr8 idea for student research: Use videos of Nat’l Medal of Science & Nat’l Medal of Technology past Laureates! j.mp/Qh0GRc

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GeoEducators Have a Master’s and 5 years of teaching experience? You could be a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher: ow.ly/vRE7v @FulbrightTeach

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FulbrightTeach Congrats to Fulbright Teacher from Finland Mikko Korhonen on his book publication—Using Physics Gadgets and Gizmos! nsta.org/store/product_…

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iReading: Artificial eyes, plastic skulls: 3-D printing the human body j.mp/QgU8Su by @CNN

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@mjslaughter thanks for sharing the great video & project! It sounds wonderful & I hope it goes well!

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