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April 24th, 2014

@GregoryMcKeown a professor in grad school called your “paradox of success” the “danger of projecting competency” (Barbara Morgan-Fleming)

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to March 2004: Reflections on interruptions, stress, and craziness j.mp/1kaWYmg @GregoryMcKeown

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lucysantosgreen Excellent resources for elementary developed and collected by @wfryer: stem.wesfryer.com

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@LawtonUrsrey Amen! Your article on “Essentialism” by @GregoryMcKeown resonates deeply with me, like this 2004 post! goo.gl/wm6SPs

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@JonnyCurriculum I just forwarded a couple emails on interactive writing and student blogging to your Gmail :-)

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@JonnyCurriculum @bosticenglish That sounds fantastic, I’ll be glad to help however I can :-)

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@JonnyCurriculum @bosticenglish I’d be glad to, i’ll email U “Interactive Writing” chapter of my last ebook which addresses safe S blogging

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@BrettDOkc I have a monthly @audible_com subscription but I’m off & on w listening… I’m back in the groove currently :-)

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I just bought on @audible_com w 1 credit: “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less ” by Greg McKeown via @LawtonUrsrey @Forbes

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Nice @KidblogDotOrg post by @sfryer ‘s 4th grade student Zynab about the water cycle! j.mp/1iT6r1S @ptokc

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@JonFines I hope you’re able to connect to our class tonight!

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Please come join me in Manhattan, KS July 8-10 for @iPadMediaCamp - fantastic PD on iPad multimedia products! ow.ly/3jEbC5

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new post: Options for Uploading Videos to YouTube with School Filtering j.mp/1l7ZwTt

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iReading: The Art Of Essentialism j.mp/1icgLCj by @Forbes cc @AngelaMaiers @sfryer (fantastic prescriptions!)

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iReading: Carnegie Mellon Research Explores Touchy-Feely Data Visualization j.mp/1lIJ9uT by @Campus_Tech via @tljohnso

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kevin2kelly In a few years artificial intelligence will become a commodity like electricity. You’ll buy as much AI as you want or need.

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kevin2kelly If you are not confused you aren’t keeping up.

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kevin2kelly Surveillance would be easy if only everyone purchased their own tracking device and kept it with them at all times.

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AngelaMaiers Stop the Hurry ln.is/buff.ly/X3cIs via @pernilleripp

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iReading: Washington’s revolving door: Cellular lobby & FCC trade leaders j.mp/1mBuJOC by @jbrodkin @arstechnica

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iReading: In Policy Shift, F.C.C. Will Allow a Web Fast Lane j.mp/1mBsZ84 by @nytimes via @leolaporte

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@msmclauchlan yikes - that is terrible :-( was any of her content available on the Internet Wayback Machine?! archive.org/web/

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Catherine_D2013@ZBettess: Who’s in for the May challenge? @msmclauchlan thanks for fixing this. instagram.com/p/nKG3VuGNhr/” Like this look too

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@audible_com Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration j.mp/1mBsPNL via @leolaporte

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